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5 items you NEED in your Autumn capsule wardrobe for effortless and easy transitional styling …


Well… Autumn is here, and whether you’re clutching at Summer time or not, the weather is certainly changing isn’t it! With that, so are our outfits! Autumn styling has to be my favourite though – cosy knits, lots of tweed and layer after layer, I just love it! But whilst I love, I understand others may loathe.

Luckily your Autumn wardrobe doesn’t have to be stressful though, and you can make a multitude of outfits from having a wardrobe of really easy basics. I’ve grouped together 5 must have items below, pieces which will help you ease into your Autumn wardrobe, and offer both practicality and versatility as we start to move into cooler weather, and cosier outfits.

I hope you’ll love the pieces below, and find them useful when looking to your own Autumnal wardrobes!

Happy styling my Darlings 🧡

🍁 A Tweed Blazer/Jacket 🍁

An instantly recognisable Country Classic!

This for me is a wardrobe must have, all year round! They are great for everyday wear, as well as practical for Country pursuits.

There are lots of different styles and variations for a tweed blazer or jacket, ranging for those tailored jackets taking you from the office to drinks, to those hardy jackets designed to be out in the field dealing with the elements!

Whatever your style, a tweed jacket or blazer is an absolute must. Providing warmth whilst trapping body heat, they are a great layer as the weather starts to turn, but tweed is also know for its strength and durability. Meaning if you choose to invest, you’ll have a timeless piece which will last for many years to come, and is guaranteed not to go out of style!

To syle as part of your transition wardrobe, pair with a plain wool skirt and light layer underneath, or pair with a pair of jeans and finish with loafers or boots depending on the weather!

CCL’s top pick:

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🍁 A Poncho Jumper 🍁

A twist on a classic!

These are such an amazing invention. I really love a poncho, but sometimes they can feel either too outdoorsy (especially if you’re going for dinner, brunch, to the pub etc), or too much like you need your arms a little more accessible (like if you’re carrying a shoulder bag). That’s where these come in! These poncho jumpers are the perfect ‘user friendly’ mix, and since I received my first one, I have honestly been a total convert for them.

Such an easy and effortless piece to style, they cater to transitional outfits perfectly. With a loose fit, whilst still being soft and cosy, they are a go to piece on these ‘inbetween’ days – when you need an extra bit of something! The beauty of that loose fit design is that you can layer as much or as little as you like underneath too!

These look really chic and are one of those ‘lazy’ wardrobe pieces I so often talk about. They allow you to look well put together in your outfit, with very minimal effort – what more could you wish for!

I would simply team with white jeans and loafers for a warmer day style, or white/back jeans and boots for cooler Autumn days.

CCL’s top pick:

🍁 A Rugby Top 🍁

Bringing back a pretty style for Autumn.

Stemming from preppy style in the past, rugby tops are a really great casual piece to add in to your wardrobe. Whether it’s a trip out for the day, an evening in the pub or an Autumnal dog walk, this will be your easy to reach for piece over and over again.

The rugby top style may be more versatile than you first think, with even the late Princess Diana opting to style them up.

For looser style tops, these are best seen with a slimmer fit item to the bottom half, weighing up the outfit. You can wear the collar up or down, and whether you choose to tuck in the bottom or not can create a different style and feel to the outfit.

For easy Autumn styling pair with jeans and a pair of wellies or trainers by day or boots by night!

CCL’s top pick:

🍁 A Pair of Over The Knee Boots 🍁

These boots certainly are made for walking!

This goes without saying really! I am a boot girl through and through, and whilst I still try to sneak them out in the Summer, they don’t get the majority of their wear until this time of year.

Over the knee boots have the ability to change up most outfits to make them look a little more seasonal appropriate, so be creative with your looks. If you opt for a pair in a Tan, Black or Navy, they really will go with everything, so you will have endless opportunities.

I always recommend investing in good quality footwear, which will last you many years to come. It’s that difficult toss up often where you have to decide whether to spend less in the moment, but replace more frequently, thus spending more money, or whether to invest initially for the long term benefit. This decision can be very personal to specific circumstances and moments in time though.

To style as part of your transitional wardrobe, team with a knit and tweed skirt for a smart/casual look, or with jeans and your favourite top for an easy pub/evening out option.

CCL’s top pick:

🍁 A Tweed Skirt 🍁

One of life’s simple pleasures!

Yet another Classic Country girl item, and absolute wardrobe essential. Every Country girl should have at least 1 good quality, well fitting tweed skirt – and I promise you won’t regret it! They are divine!

Paired with anything and everything, this timeless classic will just seamlessly slip into your A/W wardrobe with very little effort, and makes for the perfect transitional outfit piece.

I love tweed skirts with belt looks as I find a belt can be the final finishing touch to an outfit, it is also a great way to tie accessory and footwear colours together, for a more polished outfit.

If you are opting to wear tights with your tweed skirt, which I highly recommend as we now start moving into this cooler weather, always try to match your tights to your boot colour where possible. E.g Black tights with Black Boots, Natural tights with Tan Boots. This helps to create a seamless look between your footwear and outfit, as well as lengthening your legs.

CCL’s top pick:

That’s all for now my darlings, happy styling!

I’ll see you soon.

Lots of love, Lucinda xo

“The heat of autumn is different from the heat of summer. One ripens the apples, the other turns them to cider.”

– Jane Hirshfield

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