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5 essentials you need in your wardrobe now for perfect styling through Spring

Spring! It’s here! Those summer days are not all too far away now, and it’s finally time to change up our wardrobes! There’s something wonderful about dressing for Spring – pastel colours, lighter layers and exciting plans with the days getting longer.

However… dressing during Spring can often be a funny one. Whilst the night’s are getting lighter, and the weather is getting warmer, it doesn’t distract from the fact that there is often a chilly breeze in the air, and a constant threat of showery rain on the horizon.

An adaptable wardrobe in Spring is the best approach. A mixture between layering, practical and fun pieces. The nice thing about Spring is that more times than not you can layer, and leave the bulky coats behind!

I’ve put together 5 holy grail pieces that will help you with your Spring styling! I hope you love it!
Keep an eye out for my top recommendation for each linked below.

Denim Jacket

My guilty pleasure!

I have to confess, I didn’t see myself as a denim jacket wearer. I always thought they were a little too trendy for me. HOW WRONG WAS I! I have a slight obsession with the classic Country Western style, and I think I’ve always looked in awe at the Denim, thinking it is something I could never pull off. Having taken the leap – I don’t know how I managed without one!

A denim jacket works really well as it is a light layer. I think in England we can get so sick of our miserable Winters, that given half the chance we are desperate to bundle all those big Winter coats away out of sight. A denim jacket gives you the practicality of an additional layer, without the bulk of the usual Winter coats. Spring weather is often chilly but nice, so another layer is often essential, but we don’t necessarily need those cosy coats. You can still team roll necks or jumpers underneath for cooler days, or throw on over a long sleeved dress. This style of jacket will also work season to season and is great over dresses or blouses in the Summer!

If looking to create a capsule wardrobe full of easy to style essentials, a Denim jacket is a perfect consideration. This trend-proof layer works season to season, and is surprisingly easy to style with a range of different outfits.

Top style tip:
Double denim! Who said it was uncool?! Team a light blue denim jacket with white or black jeans for a quick and easy outfit!

Steal my style:
Denim Jacket and Shirt – Joules, Jeans – Holland Cooper Clothing, Boots – Fairfax & Favor.

Shop my recommendation below:
Joules Arkley Relaxed Denim Jacket

Ankle Boots

The perfect footwear!

Ankle boots are the perfect transitional piece to take your wardrobe from Winter to Spring! If you’re not quite wanting to brave loafer weather yet, an ankle boot will transition you between your tall boots and Summer footwear. Still practical, and you can wear socks – ankle boots will seamlessly complete your favourite Spring styles.

Ankle boots always work really well with jeans or trousers, which are still likely to be your ‘go-to’ with the Spring weather still tending to be on the chilly side. You can either tuck the end of your jeans into your ankle boots if they fit without it being bulky, or you can turn up the hem a couple of times until the sit neatly with the top of the boots.

The shape of ankle boots will also impact how they look – so do consider this. More of an almond or pointed toe will elongate the leg, and the height of where the boot ends on your leg will also impact.

Top style tip:
Match your tights to your boot colour. For black boots wear black tights, tan boots nude tights and brown boots brown tights. If you wear light boots stick to lighter tights and darker tights with darker boots. This will help to elongate your leg and create a seamless line between your footwear and outfit.

Steal my style:
Sunglasses – Joules, Jumper – Primark, Biker – Zut London, Belt – Mackenzie & George, Jeans – Joules, Boots – Fairfax & Favor.

Shop my recommendation below:
Fairfax & Favor Regina Ankle Boot

White Jeans

My wardrobe essential!

These seem to be slightly marmite- and I just don’t know why!!

I am probably the dirtiest, messiest person that I know. I spill things, end up muddy, am constantly on the floor with dogs, and am just generally quite messy! BUT… I love white jeans. They are the easiest thing to style because absolutely everything goes with them, they are my go-to and they are without a doubt the most styled piece in my wardrobe.

If you have this fear that they aren’t practical… you may well be correct! There are always going to be times when you choose NOT to wear something in your wardrobe because it isn’t the practical option – and that is fine. But you don’t need to be scared of white, if you want to try it! I use biological washing power, and stain remover when I wash mine, and they do always come up fine, whatever throughout the day I have managed to get on them.

I completely agree, if its muddy and you’re going for a dog walk, or you’re just at home feeding the children, they are probably not going to be the best option, but if you want to style when out and about – give them a go! More often than not, any marks will come off in the wash, and they really are the easiest thing to be styling!!

Top style tip:
GO FOR IT!! Don’t be scared of them – if you want to try them, just be brave and give them a go!

Steal my style:
Jumper – Primark, Trench – Welligogs (Use ‘LUCINDA10’ for 10% off), Jeans – Holland Cooper, Boots – Fairfax & Favor.

Shop my recommendation below:
Holland Cooper Jodhpur Jean

Jumper Dress

Dress up or down!

Jumper dresses are another perfect transitional outfit, and a go-to for me every time! Whilst we are wanting to ditch those Winter layers and get back to dresses, a jumper dress offers the warmth still needed for those mild temperatures, whilst slowly but surely moving our wardrobe over to those Summer styles.

There’s such a simple elegance about a dress, they can be easily dressed up or down, and I find my jumper dresses are a bit of a cheat item – something you can throw on with no effort at all, however they look like you’ve made an effort to dress up!

You can layer up a jumper dress as much for as little as you like, depending on the weather. They team really well with tall boots and a jacket for cooler days, or simply with some loafers or short boots for the warmer days.

I prefer the style of a roll beck jumper dress, but you can easily find round and v neck options too.

Top style tip:
Use a waist belt to give your jumper dress more shape and definition around the waist, for a flattering and elegant fit.

Steal my style:
Dress – Shein, Waist Belt – Mackenzie & George, Clutch & Boots – Fairfax & Favor

Shop my recommendation below:
Shein Ribbed Knit Jumper Dress

Pastel Jumpers

Easy to reach for time and time again!

Long sleeve jumpers are a must in Spring. We are often lulled into a false sense of security – that it’s warm – when it usually isn’t! Whilst we can often ditch the additional coat and layers, a jumper is still going to be the foundation of the majority of your Spring time outfits.

Choosing a style suitable for Spring doesn’t have to be tricky. I would stay away from thick, chunky, cable knits, and fair isle prints, and focus on lighter, brighter jumpers. Choosing pretty pastels and more neutral or pale shades will help to lift your outfit, and keep it looking season appropriate.

You can wear your A/W jumpers right through Spring – add some colour to brighten them up, and ditch the coat to make them suitable for the season. Team with jeans or skirts for really easy, every day wear.

Top style tip:
Look out for those pretty pastels when transitioning with your jumpers. They will help to lift and lighten your outfits, whilst still offering the warmth needed on mild Spring days.

Steal my style:
Sunglasses – Joules, Jumper – Beaufort & Blake, Jeans – Holland Cooper, Loafers – House of Bruar.

Shop my recommendation below:
Beaufort & Blake Bransbury Colour Block Jumper

So there we have it, 5 simple, easy to wear items to get you through your Spring styling.

That’s all for now my darlings,

See you in the next blog!

Lots of love, Lucinda xo

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s Party!’”

– Robin Williams

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