5 coats you need in your wardrobe this winter 🧥

Jackets, Coats, Capes – unfortunately (or fortunately!) a staple of the British wardrobe! But… do you need some help with where to start?

Within our very British wardrobes, your outerwear will make up the majority of your Winter look, it will usually cover pretty much your whole outfit, therefore you will really want something to compliment your style, and speak for itself. Coats are something I definitely don’t struggle shopping for, so I thought I would share 5 of my favourite styles with you! These jacket styles all have a slightly different purpose, and cover all occasions that you’ll be reaching for your outerwear for!

A Cape

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Capes ARE an essential. These pieces are just so elegant, and so classic, but can be dressed up or down to suit whatever outfit you choose.

I personally love the layering ability you get with capes. Many of my jackets are very fitted, and therefore become very restrictive if I wear any sort of chunky knit underneath. You don’t find this problem with capes, you can layer up as much as required, and still look and feel fabulous from the outer.

I had always had my heart set on the Holland Cooper capes, and I tried a lot of others in the process of saving for one. My wardrobe does now consist of several capes, because I wear them so much, especially racing. I have a few different styles and materials to suit different looks, so it is always worth looking at what is available, to see what would best suit your style. I have some more lightweight capes which are much more suited to just being inside, and then I have my tweed ones – which are perfect for keeping toasty on winter days.

My first Holland Cooper cape was the classic in Tawny, I just loved the character of the brown tweed, and knew it would go with everything.

Featured: Holland Cooper Classic Cape in Tawny
These capes, in my opinion, are the best of the best. They hold their shape whilst worn, hanging so beautifully, but also being lightweight. The cut of the cape is super flattering, and the detailing is just what you would expect from Holland Cooper.
There are lots of colour options available in this style of cape, some more plain colours, as well as other tweed options.
These are just one size to fit a UK size 6-16.
A slightly more expensive piece, but if you know you will wear it, I would definitely say it is worth the investment.
Price: £499.00

A Tailored Tweed Jacket

It’s certainly no secret that I have a slight obsession with tweed jackets. They are such a staple piece for a Country wardrobe, and if you invest, you are likely to find a piece that will last you for many years to come.

Whilst there are a variety of styles available, I find that a tailored tweed jacket is a real asset to your wardrobe. Opting for a slightly longer length jacket offers a very feminine silhouette, which looks extremely flattering.

These are just so easy to dress, as they will go with everything. I love dressing mine up for the races with a dress or skirt underneath, but they look equally great teamed with jeans and boots.

This is such a perfect addition to your Winter wardrobe, and being so timeless, they will never go out of style.

Featured: Eton Taylor Annabelle Harris Tweed Coat
This is one of my favourite jackets of all time. It is so beautiful. The cut is just beautiful, so fitted and tailored, with a subtle ‘kick out pleat’ at the back. This style flatters a figure perfectly.
Made from Harris Tweed, these jackets are designed to be timeless classics, which never go out of style, and last for years to come.
Price: £299.00

A Practical, Every Day Jacket

This is something that is required in every, single Country wardrobe. Popping to the shops, throw this on. Meeting a friend for a coffee, throw this on. Doing the school run, throw this on. Wonder round the village, throw this on. Something to team with jeans and heels, throw this on.

Whilst you’d think this style of jacket would be a relatively easy to shop for, it is probably the one style that I struggle with most. I find it so easy to shop for my racing style clothes, but normal every day wear I would definitely struggle more with.

That’s where Joules has come in over the years and been a complete saviour. Their clothing is incredible quality and the pricing is always exceptional. Year on year they release a similar style of coat that fits seamlessly with that day to day look.

Again, if you opt for a slightly longer length, you still get a very flattering, feminine fit, which pairs over everything. I also prefer this longer look for daily style as I find it a little more covering, which I feel less conscious about what I am wearing. It is also a saviour on those days when you’ve been pottering around the house in leggings but then quickly need to dash out for something!

Featured: Joules Addington Herringbone Coat
I fell in love with this Addington Joules Jacket this year. The gorgeous pink herringbone is subtle enough to wear daily, whilst still adding a very feminine touch to an every day outfit.
With a slightly boxier fit, this is easy to layer underneath.
Price: Currently in the sale for £75.95

A Velvet Jacket

In every wardrobe, you need a feel good, beautiful jacket. For me, this comes in the form of a gorgeous velvet jacket. They are actually surprisingly easy to dress up or down – pairing with a skirt or dress for a sophisticated going out look, or pair with jeans for a more casual day look.

I have raved about my Welligogs velvet jacket several times now. It is most definitely one of my dream jackets to own. There is something about velvet in the winter, it really works well, and this is a perfect investment piece which you’ll want to reach for time and time again.

Featured: Welligogs Seville Navy Velvet Coat
This style of Welligogs jacket is beautifully fitted, and a slightly longer length, which is both feminine and sophisticated.
Finished with gold detailing to the outer edges of the jackets and the buttons, this is a really special design.
Price: £295.00

A Wax Jacket

Although I have generally always liked investing in clothing pieces, I also love a bargain too. I don’t believe that clothing has to be expensive to be stylish or long lasting. Many items in my wardrobe have been really good value for money, and I haven’t compromising on quality because of it.

I have discussed wax jackets previously and they are an absolute essential in every Country wardrobe. I have had one in my wardrobe for as long as I can remember, and I really do love them. When I was beating 1-2 times a week for a couple of years, I very quickly learnt to appreciate them in all of their glory.

Funnily enough, for me a Barbour has just never appealed to me. I don’t doubt that they are nice jackets, but one has just never been on the wish list. I used to beat in a really cheap Rydale wax, and honestly, it was as good as any coat – it did me so so proud, and I’ve never looked back. In fact, I had such an appreciation, I bought the jacket in several different colours.

Wax jackets are also so easy to style, whether you are putting them through their paces in a hard Country life, or styling them up at a Game fair or P2P, they have a purpose across all outfit styles.

I can hands down recommend the below jacket, tried and tested in HARD Country life.

Featured: Rydale Ladies Wax Jacket – Cawood
The cut of this jacket is actually very flattering, and it has two deep, open pockets, which are really handy.
The jacket feels really lightweight, which is perfect for any Country pursuits as you don’t want that bulky or restrictive feeling.
This jacket comes in a couple of different wax colour options.
Price: £24.99

So there we have it, 5 styles of jacket which are perfect to add into your winter wardrobe. We are back off into tier 4 here, so it’s back to online shopping for me!

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See you soon my Darlings.

Lots of Love, Lucinda xo

‘I like my money where I can see it, hanging in my closet’

– Carrie bradshaw