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4 outerwear essentials that every stylish Country Girl needs in her wardrobe!

Dark nights, frosty mornings, and layers by the plentiful – it could only be Winter. I know it can be a really difficult time to feel motivated when everything is cold, wet and a little miserable. But… as tiresome as Winter feels, your outfit doesn’t have too! Whilst it can feel impossible to move whilst wrapped up head to toe, I can help you keep warm, and look stylish whilst doing so! …

Winter wardrobes can feel a little marmite, can’t they?! Whilst you may love to cosy up in layers, or have the ease of hiding simple outfits with your favourite jacket, there are times when the sheer amount of clothes, or effort it takes to be warm, can just take its toll. I understand the difficulty dressing for Winter, I think you either love it or loathe it. Whilst there is something so cosy about being totally wrapped up in layers and your favourite coat, it can sometimes feel a chore coming up with those outfits which are both practical, and still looking stylish.

Never fear Darlings, I have put together 4 essential pieces below that you just won’t want to miss out on. These affordable, practical and stylish pieces will quite literally take you from field to fashion! Building on a capsule wardrobe is the best way to get the most out of your clothing, and your money! These pieces are so easy to style in a multitude of different ways, and each design is timeless, so they will not only last season to season, but year to year.

The main purpose of our Winter outfits has to be warmth. We certainly aren’t blessed with mild Winters in England, so ensuring you take all measures to trap heat is a must. I strongly recommend investing in some baselayers/thermals to wear under your outfits. These are difficult to see under jeans or jumpers, but will make all the difference in helping to keep you warm in those winter months. Opting for thinner layers can help to reduce bulk without losing the ability to trap in heat. I have fleece lined tights which I will also opt for under jeans on colder days. As much as I love an outfit coming together, it’s very hard to look confident and stylish if you’re stood shivering, freezing cold!

When it comes to outerwear, most of us have our favourite pieces that we reach for time after time. The below items are all pieces which can be dressed up stylishly, as well as serving practically during everyday life. With the ease of these pieces, they are also suitable for any age, gender and wardrobe!

Let’s have a look …

The Classic Quilted Jacket

Women’s Highgate Quilted Jacket – Oxford Blue

This design was originally created off the back of Army liners, designed with warmth in mind whilst hunting. Whilst originally designed for practicality, the quilted jacket has since become a highly desirable, stylish wardrobe essential.

Considered an absolute staple in the classic Country girls wardrobe – the quilted jacket is an easy, go to piece, which is lightweight enough to fair season to season, whilst still being the perfect item in cold winter months. These jackets work perfectly for layering underneath, as they themselves are light and flexible. The quilting helps to trap warmth whilst providing a classic style. Every wardrobe needs one of these – whether it’s a Country walk or to throw on for running errands!

Teaming a quilted jacket with a chunky roll neck and your favourite jeans and boots is the easiest away to style this staple. However, it will work over casual dresses or your favourite skirt, to provide a sophisticated outerwear option.

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A Wax Jacket suitable for work & play!

Women’s Olivia Waxed Jacket – Oxford Blue

Wax jackets are another must have in the Country girl wardrobe, being that well known, quintessentially English style. A wax jacket is a fail safe option in any wardrobe, as there is no fear of this ever going out of style.

Dating way back to Sailors would coat their clothes with animal fats and oils, for practicality purposes, the theory of ‘waxing’ has been going on for hundreds of years. Coming in a range of lengths, colours and styles, these jackets have held their own in the wardrobes of fashionistas, never losing their ‘cool’.

Often with a classic fit, neutral tone and practical coating, a wax jacket is easy to reach for, whatever the activity. Remaining water-water-resistent if cleaned and looked after as required, the wax jacket really will become your best friend, whether its Countryside activities, or a trip out.

Another very easy to style option – you can pretty much pair one of these with anything and everything already in your wardrobe. They work espesically well this jeans and a pair of suede or leather boots – or teamed with wellies!

Seen as both practical and stylish, a wax jacket comes in many different styles, with something catering to every preference.

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An easy to wear, practical Gilet!

Women’s Newbury Waxed Quilted Gilet – Oxford Blue

Gilets make for great layering pieces in A/W, and stand alone pieces in S/S. As described above, wax is a great, practical option to add into any Country wardrobe.

This style of gilet is perfect for those days when you want a gilet to be the final piece of your outfit. A wax gilet looks substantial enough to stand alone with your chosen outfit, as a practical piece of outerwear. Wax items also often get better with time, meaning these age gracefully in your wardrobe.

These are a great option when you don’t want the bulk of a jacket, or you want to opt for something on a slightly warmer day. Wax gilets are still substantial, so they will help to keep you warm, but often offer less restriction than a jacket would!

Incredibly easy to style, these gilets can be teamed with jeans or skirts to create the ultimate stylish Country look. Usually found in classic, neutral colours, you really can style these up or down, and use brighter coloured accessories or clothes to really bring something different to your outfit.

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A Fleece Gilet

 Ladies Fleece Gilet – Oxford Blue

And finally, an incredibly popular option for all Country wardrobes, a fleece gilet is one of the holy grails of Country style for both work and play!

Such a faultless, easy style, a classic fleece gilet will quite literally team with anything and everything, and is a must have piece for the Country girl. From riding to shooting to brunch and shopping, there is no occasion where your fleece gilet will ever look out of place.

Often worn as a practical layering piece in Winter, or as a stand alone piece in S/S, the fleece gilet completes any outfit, and will never go out of fashion, season to season, year to year. They are easy to wash and maintain, and they easily layer under jackets and over jumpers, to add extra warmth to any of your favourite outfits. Seen as a true staple in any Country wardrobe – every Country girl should have one!

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So there we have it! Four stylish, practical and affordable pieces that you can add into your wardrobe, which will not only take you season to season, but are timeless enough to buy now, and carry forwards for years to come!

The main task when creating your Winter outfits has to be warmth, and utilising comfortable, practical outwear to finish off your outfit is a must. These pieces mentioned are all linked, and are incredibly well priced – not only offering good quality, but also very affordable!

You can see the full Oxford Blue range at:

I’ve loved bringing you these pieces and I hope there is some inspiration here for your own Winter wardrobes. I can’t wait to share my next blog with you – it’s not to be missed!

See you really soon!

Lots of love, Lucinda xo

“Winter is not a season, it’s a celebration.”

–Anamika Mishra

Please note I have a working relationship with Oxford Blue, therefore the items in this post have been gifted. All thoughts and opinions in this blog are my own. None of the links in this post are affiliate links. All information was correct at the time of publishing.

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