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Evening Darlings! If you didn’t see, on Tuesday it was Country Classic Lucinda’s first birthday- and we made a pretty big deal out of it! Can you believe we have made it through the first year? Blogging is a huge passion of mine, and I have been so lucky that all of the hard work I put into the blog and it’s content, really pays off.

As a huge thank you to my audience, I wanted to launch a giveaway, so that one of the CCL followers could win a mega bundle of Summer prizes. This blog is so lucky to have such a supportive and engaging audience, and I have loved getting to know you over the past year, as well as sharing my blog with you. The Big Birthday Giveaway has now launched over on Instagram, so I wanted to share with you some more information about the giveaway, and the amazing prizes on offer!

The giveaway is running over on the Country Classic Lucinda’s Instagram page, you can find the post you need to enter, here. There are 5 amazing prizes on offer, which make up a bundle of over £430, which one lucky CCL follower will win. The bundle is pulled together from some of my very favourite brands, and I know you’ll love the prizes just as much as I do. I love love LOVE to hype about brands and products that genuinely make me happy, you’ll know that I selectively work and blog about those items that really make me excited about country fashion, and why I fell in love with ‘fashion’ and what I do, in the first place.
So let’s have a look at what is included in The Big Birthday Giveaway:

Fairfax & Favor

It doesn’t take any explaining that I am obsessed with this brand. I have adored them for years- and I have quite the collection, which sees endless use. I purchased my first pair of boots whilst at University, and it seemed a huge investment at the time, but that very pair of boots is still going strong. If you haven’t read the story of how Fairfax & Favor started, I urge you to do so. You can find the story of Fairfax & Favor here.

The Fairfax & Favor Prize: The Winchester Navy Leather Travel Wallet.
This prize is spectacular, wow! I haven’t seen the travel wallet before, so I wasn’t sure about sizing, and how it would look inside. Let’s just say, it really doesn’t disappoint.
The travel wallet has been designed to be practical and spacious, whilst remaining effortlessly stylish. Featuring two large zip compartments and one smaller zip compartments. Once inside, there is also card holders. The outer of the wallet is grained leather, with a detachable loop handle and finished with the F&F shield.
This wallet is available on the Fairfax and Favor website, in a further two colours – Tan and Chocolate.
Shop The Winchester here.

Grays 1922

Founded in 1922, Grays is an Englsih lifestyle brand, selling country gifts and equestrian themed leather products. I have various products from Grays, and their leather products really do get better with age. As an equestrian myself, I automatically gravitate towards equestrian inspired products and accessories. Anything with a snaffle bit on, is usually a yes from me. There is something very special about Grays products.

The Grays 1922 Prize: The Haston Bag in Brown Leather.
Prize number two for our lucky winner is the Haston Bag in brown leather. This saddle bag inspired style features beautiful brown leather, with snaffle detailing. The snaffle bits have been incorporated onto both the strap, and the front of the bag – making this perfect for the equestrian enthusiast, as well as those looking to expand their country wardrobe.
The bag features an adjustable strap, which extends to a length of 60cm, a magnetic catch from opening, and an internal pocket, featuring a zip closure.
Sizing – L – 30cm, W – 8cm, H – 18cm .
You can shop the Haston Bag online in its various colourways here.

Sporting Hares

Sporting Hares are a British Countryside brand, designing practical and stylish products that applaud the country lifestyle. Whether you’re an equestrian, shooting or countryside enthusiast, Sporting Hares will have a product for you. This brand has featured several times throughout out my blog, so you’ll be no stranger to how much I love this brand, and how highly I think of them and their products. I am an equestrian myself, and somewhat of an awful shot, so I have put my SH products to use practically, as well as using them as stylish pieces to make up my country wardrobe – ticking all the boxes for me!

The Sporting Hares prize: Fenston Sunglasses in Distresed.
I have owned a pair of these SH sunglasses myself, so I can speak from experience when I speak about these – they have also featured as part of previous blogs, so you can always find out a little more about them. I am very picky about my sunglasses. I have a small head, and I drive A LOT, so finding something comfortable, practical and something that doesn’t tint the light too weirdly is a must for me.
The Distressed Fenston sunglasses take luxury eyewear up a notch, with their CR-39 polarised lenses and natural grain wooden frames. The arms of the Fenston sunglasses are spring loaded, meaning they ensure comfort for the wearing and a good fit. The lens are a bold blue, making them both eyecatching, and stylish.
You can shop the Fenston Sunglasses in their two colours, here.

Teddy Edward Clothing

I have raved about this brand before in several blogs now, and I still stand by what I’ve said many a times. I LOVE this brand, everything about it from the limited numbers of products – knowing that what you’re wearing is unique, to the values the brand holds. If you’d like to read the brand values, you can find them here. This is definitely something people are much more concious of now, and they want to know more ‘behind the scenes’ from brands, and the values that they base their business on. Teddy Edward outline all of those in the link provided, and I think you’ll be just as impressed as I was.
You have probably seen that I live in my Teddy Edward jeans and skirt, so I can 100% vouch for the quality and design behind this brand.

The Teddy Edward Clothing Prize: Ava Luxury T-Shirt in your choice of Black or White.
For prize number four, we have the Teddy Edward Ava Luxury T-shirt. The Ava T-shirt will effortlessly take you from day to night, so whether you want to pair with a skirt and boots, or a pair of skinnies and heels, this T-shirt is the perfect go to look. Make from a soft British spun cotton blend, the Ava features a scoop neck and curved hem, to flatter and compliment your shape. The winner will be able to pick their preferred colour choice, from the black or white option available.
Shop the Teddy Edward Ava Luxury T-shirt here.


Want to meet a superwoman? Welcome to Daltons! Founded by Emma in 2014, Dalton’s pride themselves on quality investment leather accessories, and let me tell you – you wouldn’t be disappointed. Emma handcrafts many of these products herself, with elegance and innovation at the heart of the creations.
I am just a little bit obsessed with belts, they complete an outfit, and can be as much or as little of a talking point as you like – I always recommend investing in good quality belts, that will carry you through all the seasons, and last you for many happy years. I don’t think I am ever without a belt, so for me they are an absolute essential.

The Daltons Prize: The Signature Snaffle Clasp Belt in your choice of leather colour – Navy, Tan or Brown.
The final prize in our incredible giveaway is one of Dalton’s Signature Snaffle Clasp Belts. I have one of these belts in the suede option, so I can safely say I know the quality of the product, and I couldn’t be more impressed!
These belts are just the most perfect addition to a country wardrobe – in fact, I would go as far as to saying that I don’t think a country wardrobe is quite complete without a snaffle belt. These are ideal for pairing with a dress, skirt or jeans, so the opportunities and ways to wear really are endless.
If you win this amazing giveaway, you will be able to choose your choice of leather, from the 3 different options – Brown, Tan or Navy.
Sizing guide: XX Small, 28”, Dress size 4  |  X Small, 31”, Dress size 6-8  |  Small, 33”’, Dress size 8- 10 | Medium, 35”, Dress size 10-12  |  Medium/Large, 37”, Dress size 14  |  Large, 39”, Dress size 16 .
You can shop the leather signature snaffle clasp belt here.

All of these giveaway items compliment each other so perfectly, and really do create the ultimate summer bundle for one lucky winner! I am so excited to have put this together for you, and what incredible brands have joined me, and offered such generosity for you as such a loyal and incredible audience.

That is all for now my darlings. Don’t forget to head over to this Instagram Post to enter. I wish you the best of luck, and thank you so much for your support.

See you soon!

Lots of love, Lucinda xo

‘Let’t root for each other, and watch each other grow’


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  • Get The Look – The easiest A/W outfit to put together!
    Where there is tweed, there is love! It’s funny when people ask me about clothes and outfits, they assume I spend hours outfit planning and thinking up ideas of what would look good together. In reality, I never outfit plan, and I generally throw something together the morning of an event, or day out – to suit the weather and how I feel. The trick to being able to do this? To have ultra versatile clothing in your wardrobe. Clothing which is incredibly easy to mix and match. Don’t get me wrong, I have as many meltdowns over outfits as the next person, some days nothing looks right, I get that too. BUT, having the right clothing in your wardrobe to begin with…. helps! I want to share with you THE EASIEST outfit to put together during the A/W months. This look will suit everyone, and is so easy to put together. This is a style that I always go for, time and time again!. Intrigued? Lets have a look! Fedora Hat An A/W essential. I am absolutely obsessed with fedora hats, they are the perfect addition to any outfit. I remember many years ago when I first decided that I wanted a Fedora hat, I had a picture of the exact hat that I wanted, it was from Hicks & Brown, and I went off to find them at Burghley Horse Trials, to try it on. Of course, I ended up coming away with that very hat! Since that moment, I have been head over heels in love with hats, and I find them really easy to style with any outfit. I use them as a bit of a cheat for my hair. My hair is quite fine but heavy, and it is very straight naturally, with absolutely texture. Due to this, I find it really hard to get volume at my roots, which means when I am out all day, my hair just goes incredibly flat! A hat hides all of this, therefore, will often be reached for, for this very reason. Hats are perfect if it is a windy day or there is the potential for showers, or if it’s a sunny hot day – meaning they are a perfect addition to your wardrobe all year round. If you don’t think you’re at hat person, my best advice is to head to a show or event where you are able to see lots of styles and colours, and try them on. Wider brimmed hats have a completely different look to standard or short, as do hats made from different materials, and different shapes and colours. If you are new to hats, sticking to neutral colours will help you to be able to pair your hat with everything. This is the most perfect addition to all of your A/W outfits. This Hicks & Brown hat is a new launch and I was instantly drawn to it. I was looking for a wider brimmed hat for a while but I knew exactly what I wanted, and when this was released, it just ticked all the boxes for me. It is ultra elegant, and the neutral colour matches everything. This pairs with my whole wardrobe, and is such an easy to throw on accessory. Featured in this blog: The Oxley Fedora in Pebble by Hicks & Brown. Chunky Knits Chunky and cable knit. Finding the perfect jumper can sometimes be a little tricky. I like them long enough to tuck in if I wish, but I don’t tend to like anything that is too long. I also like some of my jumpers to be lose enough to layer underneath. If I am going to the races for example, I need something that can fit several other layers underneath – no one wants to be cold if you’re stood outside all day! Over time I have managed to find some jumpers which are thick and chunky, but still stylish and easy enough to be dressed up. I don’t tend to wear oversized clothes, so finding a lose jumper, which isn’t too casual is what I have to try and find. I love cable knit jumpers. they are a classic design and they look amazing as part of a Country wardrobe. I have most of my jumpers in really easy, staple colours. These would be colours like black, navy, cream, khaki and burgundy. Choosing these sorts of colours means you will easily be able to pair with everything. I will spend a little more on jumpers in these colours, as I know they will pair with everything – decreasing that cost per wear that I so often talk about! I just love this Holland Cooper jumper. Its a great length, it can be tucked in easily, but it still looks amazing untucked. In true HC style, it features the gorgeous gold hardware which not only looks luxurious, but is instantly recognisable. This jumper was a little more pricey than my other jumpers, but it receives a massive thumbs up from me! Featured in this blog: The Portland Chunky Cable Jumper in Oyster by Holland Cooper Saddle Bag The key to finishing off the perfect outfit? The perfect bag! There is no such thing as too many bags, right?! I am SO guilty of owning a bag for absolutely every possible occasion. It’s an issue! BUT…. you don’t need to have this many bags – what you really need is a bag which is versatile across your whole wardrobe! Choosing a good quality material is a must! Bags end up on the floor, thrown around, touching all sorts of surfaces. You NEED something that can withstand this if you want something that you can keep in your wardrobe year on year. So many are desperately trying to move away from fast fashion, so choosing a good quality material from a brand with a good reputation will help you prevent just throwing away because the items is looking tatty. Often with better quality materials, will come a slightly higher price tag. If this is an accessory that you are going to be able to keep year on year, which will be versatile across many outfits in your wardrobe, then spending a bit more is worth it. Buying cheaper, poorer quality items, often means they will just need replacing sooner, which in term means money often isn’t saved, despite maybe initially thinking so. Choosing good quality leather bags is my go to. Leather will last, it’s timeless, and it can easily be cleaned and maintained. Opting for a simple neutral colour will allow you to add your bag as an accessory to any outfit. The Saddle Bag is such a classic design. It is striking, beautiful and I love a subtle equestrian hint added to my outfits. This type of bag is timeless and will never go out of fashion. The design isn’t too bulky, and is practical for all of the essentials you need for an Autumn day out. You may have seen I have a slight Salthouse England addiction. The quality of their products is amazing, and everything released is timeless and elegant. They always release neutral tones as well as some brighter colours, so you are able to find something exactly to your taste. Their new Saddle Bags have really stolen my heart – they go with everything! Featured in this blog: Floriana Saddle Bag in Stone & Cocoa by Salthouse England. Tweed Skirt Tweed all about it! Finding a really versatile skirt is a great way to create endless outfit options from your wardrobe. I personally think you can’t go wrong with a subtle herringbone skirt. If you opt for a simple, neutral colour again, you will be able to pair this with absolutely everything else in your wardrobe. Tweed skirts make up such a huge part of my wardrobe, and whilst they look great in the Sumer, they can really come alive during the A/W seasons when paired with boots and chunky knits or layers. Every Country Wardrobe should own one, and if you are looking for something versatile for all types of outfit ideas, going for a neutral herringbone is a really great choice. Since purchasing this Harris Rae skirt, I have worn it SO much. It seems to be the first skirt I reach for at the moment, as I know the neutral colour is guaranteed to match any top I pull out of my wardrobe! It is so well made, and completely timeless, definitely money very well spent! Featured in this blog: The Broadway Skirt in Oatmeal by Harris Rae. Over The Knee Boots Over the knee elegance. I love over the knee boots. I think these look particularly elegant, they match with all outfits, so whether you love to style jeans, skirts, dresses.. these are such a versatile piece of footwear. Boots are commonly associated with A/W outfits over S/S outfits. I personally wear them all year round, but I think they look so cosy paired with layered Winter looks.There are so many different styles of over the knee boots available, so there is something that will suit everyones style. Chocolate or tan boots will go with pretty much everything to create the perfect A/W look. I love chocolate for the Winter months, I think the darker colour looks great with these outfits. I love the different style of these Welligogs boots. The mixture of suede and leather is really striking, and I love the buckle strap detailing at the back. These boots are so comfortable and easy to wear, and they look great with whatever outfit I pair them with, meaning I reach for them time and time again! Featured in this blog: The Megara Over-the-Knee Leather and Suede Boots by Welligogs. I am always asked how to style outfits, or how to create a great outfit. I think this is one of the easiest looks to put together! Each of these pieces featured are really versatile, and can be paired with the whole of the rest of your wardrobe, but they also create the ultimate A/W outfit when paired together.I hope you’ve found it useful, and love it too! You can follow Country Classic Lucinda on various channels: See you soon Darlings! Lots of Love, Lucinda xo ‘Dressing well is a form of good manners’ – TOM FORD {Please note that I do work/have worked with Hicks & Brown, Salthouse England and Welligogs. None of the links in this blog are affiliate links. All information was correct at the time of publishing.} Catch up on my latest posts:
  • The Ultimate Day-to-Night Style Guide with the Brand New Joules A/W Collection
    It all started as just a little girl… It’s funny when I think of Joules, because I still remember being about 13 years old, and my mum coming home with my first ever Joules rugby top and polo top. I can honestly remember looking at them and thinking I was so lucky, I loved them so much – in fact, I think I lived in them, at the yard, at home, wherever we went. Especially the lilac/pink rugby top, I can still picture it so clearly in my mind. I remember once I had these couple of items, that I felt hooked. I used to love going to their stockists and looking at the collection, and saving up my christmas money to buy new pieces. I have always loved clothes, about as far back as I can remember, and I genuinely remember Joules being one of the first proper brands that I actually knew about, and really appreciated, despite being young. My love of this brand continued to grow and grow, and I have always been a loyal customer. Their designs and collections are just SO me, you know when something is just.. you, in a nutshell! The New A/W Collection When I first saw the new Joules A/W collection, I was excited to say the least. I teased a lot of my favourite pieces over on my Instagram (@countryclassiclucinda), which went down so well, you were all loving this collection just as much as me. The colours, textures and designs are both stylish and practical, and there is something for everyone. The whole collection is very versatile, and this time I think the pieces really mix & match perfectly – which I love. The ability to buy items which easily pair with everything is a must for me, particularly as I don’t outfit plan, so to fit well into my wardrobe, you have to be easily pulled off the hanger and paired with anything spur of the moment. The well known Joules florals, tweeds and pretty colour palettes, all typical of Joules clothing, run all the way through this new collection. Whether you want to create the ultimate capsule wardrobe, or ensure you have pieces to suit whatever the activity, this collection will really take you from City to Country, Day to Night. I’ve teamed up with Joules to bring you some of my ‘must have items’ from the new A/W collection. The 6 items I want to bring you can all be styled in a multitude of ways, due to their ability to be mixed and matched. You can ‘meet’ each of the items over on my IGTV, there are currently two videos uploaded, the A/W introduction, and the try on haul. Now, I want to show you just how easy the Joules A/W collection is to style, day to night…. Day to Night Style … I love clothing that has the ability to be versatile, and styled in a multitude of ways. Clothing which can be styled day to night is so helpful when trying to move away from fast fashion, and decrease that cost per wear value. I am drawn to items which will not only look great in the Countryside in the day, but will also take me out for dinner in the evening. I want to show you two outfit styles, which I have changed up slightly to take me from day to night. Items that you can dress up or down really will transform your wardrobe, and make it much more accessible. I hope this inspires your own wardrobes, whether you are looking to add to your current A/W clothing, or looking for new ways to style what you already have. Style 1 – Day to Night The clothing I picked for this first style, I am OBSESSED with. This for me is classic Country styling through and through. These pieces are versatile, practical, and just gorgeous! A classic cream knit is a must for any wardrobe. One of the easiest pieces in any wardrobe to style, this will go with absolutely everything. The same goes for a good pair of black jeans. If you have follow CCL for a while, you’ll know I fell head over heels for the Monroe skinny jeans back in March when I picked up a white pair for Cheltenham Festival, now I have added the black pair to my collection for easy A/W styling. The fit of these jeans is lovely, and they are so comfortable. These two staples are absolute essentials, and are a great place to start when expanding your basics, or stripping back your wardrobe. Day Style A classic cream knit and black jeans combination have worlds of potential, so these two should be staples in your A/W wardrobe. With endless combinations at your fingertips, these are a great starting point for any of your daily outfits. For me, day wear should be practical for the activities ahead, and comfortable, but also stylish. You really can team any other colours, and accessories with this simple duo, allowing you to create any outfit best suited to your activities. The Cut and Sew Cape from the new collection is a really beautiful design, and this is perfect for throwing on for those Autumn walks or meeting friends for lunch. You can’t help but want to swish around in it. Despite being tweed, and cosy, the material doesn’t feel bulky and heavy – which is great! I’ve had so many lovely comments about this cape already, for such an easy piece to wear, it looks fantastic, but is also so easy, and cosy. The green tweed is perfectly Autumnal and you can layer as much or as little underneath this, to keep you cosy as you go about your day. Team with some chelsea boots and a fedora for a practical everyday outfit! The Cheska Gilet has been designed with a soft faux fur, and when I say soft, I mean…. SOFT. This piece is the perfect layer for those days when you don’t want the bulk of a jacket. We still have such beautifully warmer days in Autumn, that don’t always call for our outfits to require a jacket. Team this look with some tall boots and a fedora. Night Style As practical as a cream knit and black jeans are during the day, these are the ultimate evening outfit too. Whether you love to spend your evening in flats, or you’re more of a pair of heels kind of girl, this desirable duo is the ultimate outfit. The Joules Addington Coat has a beautiful herringbone design, and a classic streamlined fit, in a slighter longer length. The pretty blush pink makes for the perfect ‘smart’ jacket to throw on with your outfit, making the perfect evening out style. This jacket easily transforms your jeans and jumper from day to night. Check out my Instagram Reels if you want to see this look paired with a classic nude heel! Style 2 – Day to Night Style 2 is based around the Aurelie A Line Shirt Dress. This was one of the first pieces I saw in the new collection, and I am blown away by the Blue White Floral print. This dress is SO pretty. You might remember back in March I tried one of Joules longer dresses for the first time. I have never really styled longer dresses and skirts – I do generally like shorter cuts. However, as I am getting older, I am starting to see more and more that I am reaching to try longer length clothing. I think I always thought in my mind, to feel good, I needed something to be shorter. But I couldn’t be more wrong, and Joules has given me the confidence to try longer clothing, and still feel amazing. The length of this dress is so elegant. It buttons up at the front, but not all the way down, meaning this dress has a gorgeous swing to it when worn. When we were photographing some of my looks for this dress, I remember saying I feel like Belle from Beauty and the Beast, skipping down the road. I have been reaching for this a lot now as it is so quick and easy to wear, but it creates some really gorgeous outfit options. Day Style This dress is incredibly easy to style during the day. You could pair this with boots, loafers or pumps, so wherever the day takes you, you could style this dress. Some of you have asked me in the past how to easily style a dress in the day, as you feel they are more suited to an evening. I think this comes down to what you choose to style your dress with. These longer dresses can be styled in a multitude of ways, and dressing down during the day is simple with the right outerwear, accessories and footwear. I absolutely love the Cut and Sew Cape paired with this dress. The pretty floral of the dress, and the check of the tweed actually compliment each other perfectly. It creates such a simple, Autumnal outfit, and I just love them teamed together. The dress also pairs beautifully with a cosy gilet. A fedora is a key Autumnal piece in any wardrobe. These are a go to for my outfits during the A/W seasons. Not only does it hide any hair you haven’t wanted to style, but it also works for protection against the sun, wind and rain! All of which are possible during our English Autumns! The Eponine Fedora comes in this beautiful green which I’ve spoken about previously as a fantastic A/W colour, and it has a slightly wider brim, which looks elegant, whilst it features subtle Joules branding. Night Style As easy as this dress is to style during the day, it is to style at night too. The pretty print and length mean this could easily be paired with your favourite heels or flats for date night, cocktails or an evening walk. Paired with the Addington Herringbone Coat, you can create the perfect look for your evening. I particularly like this look with a pair of nude heels. I have one staple pair in my wardrobe which I reach for regularly. You can see here just how easily these Joules pieces can transform from day to night, allowing you to create endless options, from just a few simple pieces! Items featured in this blog: Eponine Felt Fedora – Green – Find Here.A beautiful wide brimmed fedora hat, in the perfect Autumnal colour. Any hair disaster can be hidden with one of these!£39.95 Monroe High Rise Skinny Jeans – True Black – Find Here.A staple for every wardrobe, whatever your style. Comfortable, high quality and a great fit.£49.95 Jenna Knitted Pointelle Stitch Jumper – Cream – Find Here.A great wardrobe essential, which will match everything, and take you season to season.£69.95 Aurelie A Line Shirt Dress – Blue White Floral – Find Here.I instantly fell in love with this elegant dress. Perfect for a capsule wardrobe as it can be dressed up or down, all year round.£79.95 Cheska Faux Fur Gilet – Oat – Find Here.A Country wardrobe dream layer. It is the softest material you will get your hands on, and the colour is so versatile.£79.95 Addington Herringbone Coat – Pink Herringbone – Find Here.Every wardrobe needs that staple coat. The pretty colour palette of this jacket is a must for day to night styling.£139.00 Sabrina Cut & Sew Cape – Green Tweed – Find Here.Such an easy through on piece, pair with anything from jeans to dresses, perfect for country walks to country pubs!£89.95 I love anything that has the ability to be styled from day to night. I hope this blog has inspired you with your own wardrobes, and shown you just how versatile this new collection is from Joules! I have lots of outfit inspo for these items ready to be shared over on my Instagram…
  • Jeans & a Nice Top – The dress code in every group chat, but what’s the secret behind the ‘nice top?!’
    Me: ‘What are you going to wear?’Friend: ‘Not sure, probably just jeans & a nice top!’– Every friendship group, ever. How many times have your friends said to you, ‘I’m just wearing jeans and a ‘nice top’. It seems to be the unwritten rule that this dress code is used for pretty much all occasions, and it feels like it should be the perfect, easy outfit option. BUT… how many times have you gone to your wardrobe, and not actually had a clue how to put this dress code together? Have you ever thought your country wardrobe doesn’t quite have the ‘nice top’ you’re looking to pull out, or that you don’t know which style to choose, to complete a well put together look? Well… never fear, CCL has got you covered. What is this dress code? This has definitely become a widely known phrase amongst friends, but when breaking down this iconic duo, do you actually know what you are looking for? Probably one of the most versatile styles, suitable for almost every occasion, the jeans and a nice top dress code certainly isn’t going anywhere. So, let’s get comfortable with it. Let’s start with the easy part … the jeans, as this is the most self-explanatory part of this outfit combination. Typically skinny jeans are featured, but the code is certainly not limited to this. Usually black, blue or white denim will feature. If you reach for your favourite pair of jeans, you can pretty much guarantee that you’ll be happy with this part of the dress code, and can move on to the second element. Now… to the bit every girl ponders over, the ‘nice top’. What is actually classed as a ‘nice top’, where can you find one, how can you work it into your wardrobe, and most importantly, how can you style it with this specific outfit. The ‘nice top’ is generally considered as a top that is that bit nicer than your general pull out the draw and throw on to run errands top. These tops have a bit of ‘sass’ to them, and will add some elegance to your outfit. Finding the perfect top can be tricky, especially if you don’t know where to look, or what to look for. Let me introduce to you, my new favourite, the ‘nice top’. I’ve teamed up with Teddy Edward to take the stress away, and bring you the perfect top to meet this dress code accordingly … The Teddy Edward Poppy – Women’s Notched Neck Ribbed Top You will have seen Teddy Edward feature in several of my other blogs, I love this brand and the values that they stand for. Their clothing is unique, made in limited quantities and extremely high quality, meaning not only do you get what you pay for, but you won’t be wearing items which everyone else has on! A super smart, long sleeved top, the Poppy will transform your outfit to a whole new level. Created in 96% cotton and 4% elastane, the stretch material has been designed to hug your figure effortlessly, with its truly flattering shape. The top features a distinctive deep v neck, including wire boning, allowing for an on and off shoulder finish. The Teddy Edward logo is featured on the right hip, adding an additional touch if the top is worn untucked. Designed, sourced and made in the UK. There are two colour options available, navy and green. Both equally appropriate for the role of a ‘nice top’. Available in sizes 6-16, I did size up by one size in this top, it is a slim fit design. The Poppy top is priced at £49.00. I’ve fallen as quickly for this top as I do for Country singers. IT IS INCREDIBLE. It really is such a flattering fit, the design is very figure hugging, and contours to your shape. The neckline is beautiful and hold its shape so nicely. Sometimes you just find a piece of clothing that you can put on and instantly feel good in, and this top is 100% one of these pieces. How to style jeans & a nice top… So, we have our nice top sorted, now to pair it with our favourite jeans, accessories and footwear to complete the look. There are a few staples for me with this combination. If you are looking for a drinks/evening meal/night outfit, you can’t go wrong with nude heels. These don’t have to be ultra pricey. I wear heels very occasionally, and my favourite pair are actually just a classic patent pointed toe stiletto from New Look. These would pair with all colours of denim, and a nude heel is always very flattering on the leg. If you are wearing this look to brunch, a day activity or any other occasion, you may want to consider a boot, either ankle or tall. Matching your accessories to your footwear always helps to create a seamless look. You could look to match your bag and belt, to compliment your footwear. White Jeans Did you know I’m a fan? If you are a regular here at the CCL blog, you’ll know I mention white jeans nearly every single blog. I don’t believe they are impractical – you can spill something on any colour, you could also be at risk of ruining any colour clothing – don’t allow the colour white to scare you off. The Poppy will pair beautifully with white jeans, whether that’s dressed up with some nude heels and teamed with a cream or navy belt, or paired with some boots or loafers and a contrasting belt. White jeans so easily work from day to night, and are certainly not limited to the S/S. This would probably be my go to look. You can throw on a jacket or gilet for the journey if required. Blue Denim Jeans I wear this type of jean probably the least – purely because I can’t deal with the fading. I have never found a pair of blue jeans that have really managed to stay nice. I often wear black jeans to work, and it doesn’t matter if I spend £9 or £39, the quality after washing just doesn’t seem to be there. I’ve found the same with darker blue denim jeans, and I am not overly confident in styling light denim. However, these are to a lot of people’s taste, and other people are extremely good at styling them, it’s just a colour that I personally struggle with. Blue denim, if your favourite style of jeans, can be a great go to for your jeans and a nice top. The Poppy top will look incredibly stylish teamed with your favourite denim jeans. I’ve found one pair of blue denim jeans that I love now, and paired with some nude heels and the Poppy top, this is such a casual and easy, but dressed up denim vibe! Navy/Black Jeans The Poppy top comes in both Navy and Green, so there is a colour suitable for both of these staple jean colours. If you’re a fan of the navy jean, then either of the colours of the Poppy top will look fab. Navy jeans can often have a slightly smarter look to them than blue denim jeans, so it depends what sort of look you want to go for, whether it is a bit more of a casual, fun look, or whether you want to dress up the look just a little bit more. I personally don’t tend to wear black and navy together, however some really like this look. There is certainly no right or wrong answer to this colour duo. I would personally pair black jeans with the Green Poppy top. This will make for a really striking colour combination. When black jeans haven’t faded, they are probably one of my favourite looks, they can look really smart, and they are perfect colour for this time of year with the weather changing. Coloured Jeans Some people are a fan of the coloured jean, others are not! I am a huge fan and I believe they can integrate into your wardrobe really well, but also really easily. I have definitely been guilty of overbuying coloured jeans so I do currently have every colour of the rainbow. For me, they are an effortless style, and an easy way to make a bit of a style statement. For this dress code, a pink or yellow jean would be my go to. I think both of these colours dress up easily whether it’s brunch with the girls, or a dinner and drinks date night. They will pair with that staple nude heel perfectly, or opt for some loafers for a little more casual look. The Teddy Edward Moleskin Collection Teddy Edward have a range of 3 different styles of moleskin jean. I created a whole blog around their Chloe High Waisted Jean, which can be found here. I prefer this style of jean, in general, to a denim jean. If you are looking for an easy alternative to the above denim, it is worth looking into these styles. They wash incredibly well and are ultra flattering. The 3 different designs also means there will be a style and fit to suit you. You can find the Teddy Edward’s jean collection here. The jeans and a nice top dress code is so commonly brought up, and feeling confidence in what to wear, when your friends drop this into the chat can be exhausting. There is certainly no need to fear this dress code now. It can be interpreted in the way you see your style, and it has such huge flexibility and versatility. For me, with my Country Wardrobe, the hardest part has always been getting the ‘nice top’ sorted! And now we have that down, we are ready for anything! Brunch anyone?! I hope you have found this blog useful, and have enjoyed reading how to style the ‘jeans & a nice top’ dress code. Lots of blogs are on the way, stay tuned for the next post – I just know how much you’re going to love it! If you love the Teddy Edward Poppy Top, you can view it on their website, click here. That’s all for now Darlings, Speak soon, Lots of Love, Lucinda xo ‘Elegance is not about being noticed, it is about being remembered’ Giorgio Armani {Please note: The Poppy top was gifted as part of a collaboration with Teddy Edward. This blog are my own thoughts and opinions, and has not been influenced by the brand. The links included in this blog are not affiliate links. 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