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Evening Darlings! If you didn’t see, on Tuesday it was Country Classic Lucinda’s first birthday- and we made a pretty big deal out of it! Can you believe we have made it through the first year? Blogging is a huge passion of mine, and I have been so lucky that all of the hard work I put into the blog and it’s content, really pays off.

As a huge thank you to my audience, I wanted to launch a giveaway, so that one of the CCL followers could win a mega bundle of Summer prizes. This blog is so lucky to have such a supportive and engaging audience, and I have loved getting to know you over the past year, as well as sharing my blog with you. The Big Birthday Giveaway has now launched over on Instagram, so I wanted to share with you some more information about the giveaway, and the amazing prizes on offer!

The giveaway is running over on the Country Classic Lucinda’s Instagram page, you can find the post you need to enter, here. There are 5 amazing prizes on offer, which make up a bundle of over £430, which one lucky CCL follower will win. The bundle is pulled together from some of my very favourite brands, and I know you’ll love the prizes just as much as I do. I love love LOVE to hype about brands and products that genuinely make me happy, you’ll know that I selectively work and blog about those items that really make me excited about country fashion, and why I fell in love with ‘fashion’ and what I do, in the first place.
So let’s have a look at what is included in The Big Birthday Giveaway:

Fairfax & Favor

It doesn’t take any explaining that I am obsessed with this brand. I have adored them for years- and I have quite the collection, which sees endless use. I purchased my first pair of boots whilst at University, and it seemed a huge investment at the time, but that very pair of boots is still going strong. If you haven’t read the story of how Fairfax & Favor started, I urge you to do so. You can find the story of Fairfax & Favor here.

The Fairfax & Favor Prize: The Winchester Navy Leather Travel Wallet.
This prize is spectacular, wow! I haven’t seen the travel wallet before, so I wasn’t sure about sizing, and how it would look inside. Let’s just say, it really doesn’t disappoint.
The travel wallet has been designed to be practical and spacious, whilst remaining effortlessly stylish. Featuring two large zip compartments and one smaller zip compartments. Once inside, there is also card holders. The outer of the wallet is grained leather, with a detachable loop handle and finished with the F&F shield.
This wallet is available on the Fairfax and Favor website, in a further two colours – Tan and Chocolate.
Shop The Winchester here.

Grays 1922

Founded in 1922, Grays is an Englsih lifestyle brand, selling country gifts and equestrian themed leather products. I have various products from Grays, and their leather products really do get better with age. As an equestrian myself, I automatically gravitate towards equestrian inspired products and accessories. Anything with a snaffle bit on, is usually a yes from me. There is something very special about Grays products.

The Grays 1922 Prize: The Haston Bag in Brown Leather.
Prize number two for our lucky winner is the Haston Bag in brown leather. This saddle bag inspired style features beautiful brown leather, with snaffle detailing. The snaffle bits have been incorporated onto both the strap, and the front of the bag – making this perfect for the equestrian enthusiast, as well as those looking to expand their country wardrobe.
The bag features an adjustable strap, which extends to a length of 60cm, a magnetic catch from opening, and an internal pocket, featuring a zip closure.
Sizing – L – 30cm, W – 8cm, H – 18cm .
You can shop the Haston Bag online in its various colourways here.

Sporting Hares

Sporting Hares are a British Countryside brand, designing practical and stylish products that applaud the country lifestyle. Whether you’re an equestrian, shooting or countryside enthusiast, Sporting Hares will have a product for you. This brand has featured several times throughout out my blog, so you’ll be no stranger to how much I love this brand, and how highly I think of them and their products. I am an equestrian myself, and somewhat of an awful shot, so I have put my SH products to use practically, as well as using them as stylish pieces to make up my country wardrobe – ticking all the boxes for me!

The Sporting Hares prize: Fenston Sunglasses in Distresed.
I have owned a pair of these SH sunglasses myself, so I can speak from experience when I speak about these – they have also featured as part of previous blogs, so you can always find out a little more about them. I am very picky about my sunglasses. I have a small head, and I drive A LOT, so finding something comfortable, practical and something that doesn’t tint the light too weirdly is a must for me.
The Distressed Fenston sunglasses take luxury eyewear up a notch, with their CR-39 polarised lenses and natural grain wooden frames. The arms of the Fenston sunglasses are spring loaded, meaning they ensure comfort for the wearing and a good fit. The lens are a bold blue, making them both eyecatching, and stylish.
You can shop the Fenston Sunglasses in their two colours, here.

Teddy Edward Clothing

I have raved about this brand before in several blogs now, and I still stand by what I’ve said many a times. I LOVE this brand, everything about it from the limited numbers of products – knowing that what you’re wearing is unique, to the values the brand holds. If you’d like to read the brand values, you can find them here. This is definitely something people are much more concious of now, and they want to know more ‘behind the scenes’ from brands, and the values that they base their business on. Teddy Edward outline all of those in the link provided, and I think you’ll be just as impressed as I was.
You have probably seen that I live in my Teddy Edward jeans and skirt, so I can 100% vouch for the quality and design behind this brand.

The Teddy Edward Clothing Prize: Ava Luxury T-Shirt in your choice of Black or White.
For prize number four, we have the Teddy Edward Ava Luxury T-shirt. The Ava T-shirt will effortlessly take you from day to night, so whether you want to pair with a skirt and boots, or a pair of skinnies and heels, this T-shirt is the perfect go to look. Make from a soft British spun cotton blend, the Ava features a scoop neck and curved hem, to flatter and compliment your shape. The winner will be able to pick their preferred colour choice, from the black or white option available.
Shop the Teddy Edward Ava Luxury T-shirt here.


Want to meet a superwoman? Welcome to Daltons! Founded by Emma in 2014, Dalton’s pride themselves on quality investment leather accessories, and let me tell you – you wouldn’t be disappointed. Emma handcrafts many of these products herself, with elegance and innovation at the heart of the creations.
I am just a little bit obsessed with belts, they complete an outfit, and can be as much or as little of a talking point as you like – I always recommend investing in good quality belts, that will carry you through all the seasons, and last you for many happy years. I don’t think I am ever without a belt, so for me they are an absolute essential.

The Daltons Prize: The Signature Snaffle Clasp Belt in your choice of leather colour – Navy, Tan or Brown.
The final prize in our incredible giveaway is one of Dalton’s Signature Snaffle Clasp Belts. I have one of these belts in the suede option, so I can safely say I know the quality of the product, and I couldn’t be more impressed!
These belts are just the most perfect addition to a country wardrobe – in fact, I would go as far as to saying that I don’t think a country wardrobe is quite complete without a snaffle belt. These are ideal for pairing with a dress, skirt or jeans, so the opportunities and ways to wear really are endless.
If you win this amazing giveaway, you will be able to choose your choice of leather, from the 3 different options – Brown, Tan or Navy.
Sizing guide: XX Small, 28”, Dress size 4  |  X Small, 31”, Dress size 6-8  |  Small, 33”’, Dress size 8- 10 | Medium, 35”, Dress size 10-12  |  Medium/Large, 37”, Dress size 14  |  Large, 39”, Dress size 16 .
You can shop the leather signature snaffle clasp belt here.

All of these giveaway items compliment each other so perfectly, and really do create the ultimate summer bundle for one lucky winner! I am so excited to have put this together for you, and what incredible brands have joined me, and offered such generosity for you as such a loyal and incredible audience.

That is all for now my darlings. Don’t forget to head over to this Instagram Post to enter. I wish you the best of luck, and thank you so much for your support.

See you soon!

Lots of love, Lucinda xo

‘Let’t root for each other, and watch each other grow’


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  • 9 essential pieces that a Country girl should have in her wardrobe …
    Perfecting your ideal Country girls wardrobe doesn’t have to be hard…. Hi Darlings, welcome back to another blog. I have been so excited to piece this blog together, it is the taster blog to a much bigger project I have to come. I know you’re going to love this whole series, and I have had so many questions about doing something along these lines, so this is very exciting, and I know you’re so very ready for what’s coming. My own wardrobe is extensive, there is no denying that, but there are some key Country essentials that no Country wardrobe should be without. Starting with these pieces, you can then really build on your dream Country wardrobe. Generally throughout this blog you will find a theme of investment. Investing in high quality, timeless pieces will ensure that your wardrobe basics will last. If a piece is timeless, it is often worth spending that little bit more, knowing that it will last in your wardrobe, and without the fear of it going out of fashion. The pieces I discuss below are pieces that even if your style changes, you will still be able to make work for you. I have a very extensive series coming on this very subject, so this is just an overall introduction to some essentials. The comprehensive guide, with full clothing details will be available very soon, and will be much more detailed. Below is an introduction to 9 key pieces that will help to set the foundation for your Country wardrobe. From these essentials, you can then build the rest of your wardrobe. Let’s have a look… … a Pair of Pearl Earrings Classic. Timeless. Elegant. Every woman should own a pair of real pearl earrings. This is essentially a right of passage into womanhood. There is absolutely nothing, whatever your style, that a classic pair of pearl stud earrings wouldn’t go with. These will never go out of style, so they are worth investing in, and getting a good quality pair. With pearls, the higher the grade, the higher the quality, therefore investing will help you to buy pearls that will stand the test of time. For me, they are worth investing in, as they will last you, and won’t ever go out of fashion. Investing in timeless jewellery is definitely worthwhile. As I have got older, I have invested in some beautiful equestrian/country themed jewellery, which I wear every day. I much prefer this to buying changeable costume jewellery. I am going to produce a blog on my everyday jewellery pieces, as I am always asked about these. I wear my pearl earrings almost every day, they would always be my go to. I have a few different pairs, from a very understated stud, to a few different, more statement pairs. The classic stud is just beautiful, and would be my wardrobe essential for my readers. These can be paired with everything from simple jeans and a t-shirt, to your cocktail dresses. The classic white pearls will suit all skin tones, and will match any and all outfits. You can get a pair of pearl studs from almost every jewellery store. My favourite pair of pearl earrings, which are the pair I wear pretty much daily, are from Country Equestrian Jewellers. They are so reasonably priced, and amazing quality. You can shop my pearl earrings here. … a Schoffel Gilet It’s an unwritten rule, right? A good quality fleece gilet is vital in a Country wardrobe. Not only are they able to be styled up for the weekend, but they are essential for the yard/countryside/work. Gilets focus on keeping the core warm, and being sleeveless they are comfortable and easy to layer. Schoffel gilets are definitely worth the investment, although a little pricier to initially buy, you do get what you pay for. The Schoffel gilets are quick drying and hard wearing. The fleece used for the Schoffel gilets is lightweight and technical, and is able to stand up to a hard Country life. These can be easily styled from day to night. Pair with a denim skirt or white jeans for a classic weekend look. These are also an essential when working, and adding in that extra layer when you are riding, shooting, fishing or walking etc. Schoffel would be my first choice, but there are some amazing alternatives if a Schoffel isn’t quite the right fit for you. Nattily Dressed have amazing fleece gilets available, with bold, bright piping for an individual look. Sporting Hares have their navy willow gilet, which is incredibly well priced, and I have worn my one of these so frequently, and it again washes incredibly well and stands up well to Country life, mine has very frequently been shooting and riding! You can shop the Schoffel gilets here. You can shop the Nattily Dressed gilets here, or the Sporting Hares gilet here. … a Tweed Jacket & Wax Jacket Both are essential in a Country wardrobe. For me, both of these styles of jacket are an essential in your Country wardrobe. I have wax jackets specifically for when I am out beating/shooting/walking, and then jackets that I prefer to dress up. These don’t have to be ridiculously pricey in my opinion. I think if you want a hard wearing jacket for your countryside activities or work, then investing in a high quality jacket will definitely have its benefits. I like to change my styles, so I am yet to invest in a more expensive wax jacket. My wax jacket is just from Rydale, and I have worn one of these jackets previously for 2 seasons beating, and it held up perfectly. The jacket I have which I will link below, was very inexpensive, but it has managed a hard life weirdly well! Many people would go for a Barbour wax jacket as their investment piece. I personally haven’t seen the need to invest in a Barbour yet, my wax jacket has done perfectly for what I need it for, and in terms of a ‘fashion jacket’, I would nearly always reach for tweed over wax. I have some investment piece tweed jackets, because these are completely timeless, and they are my style through and through. I have linked below my favourite tweed jacket. Tweed jackets are not only practical for country life, but are also easy to dress up. You can shop my favourite wax jacket here, and my favourite tweed jacket here. … a Little White Dress Move over LBD. Forget the little black dress, in a Country girls wardrobe, it is all about the little white dress. Every year I go in search of the perfect little white dress for the Summer months ahead, I have a few now that I absolutely adore. These are so easy to style, you can pair it with absolutely everything, and they will never go out of fashion. This is a staple for your wardrobe as it can just be paired with any of your accessories and footwear, creating a completely different look every time. With so many options and styles available, you will be able to find something unique to your own style. You can wear the LWD absolutely anywhere, from brunch to BBQ’s to country shows. I personally feel like the LWD is more versatile than the LBD, I rarely wear black, and find the LWD goes much further in my wardrobe, it is more casual for every day wear too. You don’t have to spend ridiculous amounts to find a good LWD. One of my favourites is actually one from Primark, and every single time I wear it, I recieve countless comments about where it is from. If you are worried about a white dress looking see-through, check for those with a lining, many cheaper options will still have a good lining to ensure they don’t look see-through. My newest favourite is only from Shein, and again was very good value, yet everyone seems to comment on it. You can shop my newest little white dress from Shein here. … a Tweed Skirt Timeless, versatile style. No Country wardrobe would be complete without a tweed skirt. These will not go out of style, and every Country girl should own at least one as a foundation piece for their Country wardrobe. I would advise investing in a good quality tweed skirt for your wardrobe. You want something made with a high quality tweed, and a good lining. You also want to invest in a piece with good shape. This skirt will remain timeless in your wardrobe, so opting for a tweed that compliments your style and wardrobe colour palette will ensure that you have a truly versatile piece. A tweed skirt will serve a great purpose if you love racing, P2P’s or Country Shows, however, it is also an effortless piece to style in the office, out for brunch or to dress up for a date, therefore, a piece truly worth investing in. You can shop one of my favourite tweed skirts here. … a Pair of White Jeans Not just for the summer… These are too often seen as impractical, which I think is an unfair assumption about this wardrobe essential. No one is more likely to spill something down themselves than me, so if I can manage to style these, I really believe that anyone can. These have the ability to be dressed up or down, so easily, making them a really key foundation piece for your wardrobe, as you can just do SO much with them. You can pair them with just about anything, ensuring endless different looks, from one simple wardrobe piece. Whether you are styling for the races, going out for a couple of drinks or off to a Country show, your white jeans will be able to carry you through a variety of activities. White jeans, for me, are a complete essential, and no wardrobe should be complete without them. I have had white jeans from a variety of different places, and ranging from very cheap, to much more expensive. There is always a risk with white jeans that they will look see-through, so trying on would always be the best option when looking to buy. I have listed 2 pairs below, which I have found to be good quality, and worth the money. You can shop my favourite white jeans here and here. … a High Quality Leather Belt & Bag Investing in good quality leather items only has its benefits. There it is again, the word investment! Every Country wardrobe really needs a good quality leather belt and bag. Really good quality leather items generally just get better with age, and are definitely worth spending that little bit more on initially. I would personally go for a tan brown if you are looking for those investment pieces, as this will likely compliment your whole wardrobe, ensuring versatility throughout. As great as it is to have lots of accessories to change between, it is likely that with these two items, despite having several, you will keep reaching for the same ones time after time. Due to this, investing can be a really great way to reduce your cost per wear. Good quality leather is also easy to look after, and it likely to stay looking much nicer for longer, compared to cheaper alternatives. A great brand for high quality leather belts would be Mackenzie & George, you can shop their belts here. For some good quality, leather handbags, check out Grays 1922, you can find their range here. … a Pair of Western Boots Classic Country. Every Country wardrobe can be completed with a pair of Western boots. This might be a subtle take on Western style, or a classic pair of Cowboy boots. Whichever you go for, these are a staple to your wardrobe, and will be able to be utilised in a variety of ways. I have always loved western style and the practicality of western boots is…
  • No need to envy equestrian style, look no further than Georgian Dollar
    I’ve said countless times that as much as I love dressing up, I often feel most at home in a pair of jodhpurs, with my socks pulled up over the top, and my deck shoes thrown on. Whilst I love digging out stylish outfits, I prefer being muddy and dirty, out on the yard with the horses, or playing in the countryside. Welcome back Darlings! I hope you are all well. Life is starting to return to a more ‘normal’ now, and I hope with this you are all doing ok. I’ve taken a little r&r time myself, to refocus on the real life, and the right now. I am definitely feeling a bit better for it. Tonight’s launch is an equestrian theme, and I am so excited to get into this one! Horses are the biggest part of my life and have been my passion and focus since I started riding. I work within the equine industry, having gone to university and graduated with a Degree and Masters in Equestrian fields. Despite working within the industry, my time at the yard is precious and limited, my job is full on, meaning that although I get to talk horses all day every day, time with my own is largely reduced. Lots of you reading this blog will be here from some form of CCL social media channels, and although I don’t post every single minute of being at the yard, it doesn’t mean it isn’t my whole life. I have been following the journey of Georgian Dollar for quite some time now, and I love what they stand for, and how far the brand has come already. Georgian Dollar was founded in 2018 by Amanda, who owns 4 ex polo ponies, and her daughters pony, who the brand is named after. Amanda had her sights set on producing a pair of equestrian jeans that would be practical and durable, but also suitable for any and all occasions. ‘For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for horses. I will never forget the first pony I ever rode, I was five years old and from the moment I sat in that saddle, I was hooked!’ – Amanda, Georgian Dollar. I have been trying out a couple of the Georgian Dollar products, and I am now so excited to share these products with you, and let you know my thoughts! As always, I write honestly about the products I review, so please rest assured that these are my genuine thoughts and have in no way been influenced! Life is too short to write about things you don’t like or don’t enjoy, there is genuine passion and enthusiasm when I talk about these, and I hope you are able to see how much I am enjoying them, and just how fantastic they are. Let’s have a closer look 😍 …. Sieta Equestrian Jeans ‘For women who hack out, muck out and go out!’ I’ve had my eye on these equestrian jeans for a while now. I like my riding clothes to be practical, durable and just easy to throw on. Me attending the yard is by no means a fashion show, however, I am a sucker for style (you might have guessed), and although no one ever sees me at the yard, I like to wear riding clothes that make ME feel good. I think style should be less about what you look like to others, and more about how you look to yourself, and how clothes makes yourself feel – I absolutely live for feel good clothing. The Sieta Equestrian Jeans were created with comfort, durability and style in mind. They feature Lycra ankle cuffs, so they are extremely easy to get on and off, and this allows for the best, non-bulky fit in your boots. There is a discreet silicone grip seat, which is functional and practical, whilst not drawing and distracting the eye, especially if you wear the jeans outside of the yard. They also feature a five pocket design, with zip fly and button fastening. The jeans are finished off with embroidered Georgian Dollar branding. The jeans have been made from a blend of cotton and Lycra, to create a soft and stretchy denim, for maximum comfort. You know that I love to properly try and test products before reviewing them, so that I can see if they actually stand up to the lifestyle that they will be put through. I have loved road testing these equestrian jeans to see how they stand up to the Summer we are currently having. Ok so these jeans have SO much stretch! Seriously, so much stretch. We’ve all ridden in normal jeans before, and know all too well that slightly uncomfortable pinch you tend to get from them. I was really interested to see if there would feel like there was any restriction or pinch with these GD jeans. They felt soft and comfortable on, but I was excited to see if they remained that way whilst riding. I can confirm, YES. THEY. DO. They really are super soft and stretchy, meaning that for all yard activities, and for riding, they really do provide maximum comfort. I also wore them in a lot of the warmer weather we have been having, to see how they would hold up in the heat, and whether I would be dying to just get them off, or if they would remain comfortable. They remained extremely comfortable throughout, it didn’t matter what the temperature was. This is so important, there is absolutely nothing worse than overheating due to your clothing when riding, us riders need our clothing to work for us, not against us, and these equestrian jeans offer exactly that. The belt loops are wide enough to fit a variety of belts through, including the width of a polo belt, meaning not only practical, but stylish too. I could fit my phone/keys in the pockets, which again I find really handy at the yard. The Lycra round the ankles meant there were no uncomfortable seams in my boots, for me this is really key as I broke one of my ankles and any prominent seams can rub against the scar causing some discomfort – none of that here! I suppose the only thing I was slightly worried about with these jeans was the fit of the waist. I am guilty of always buying higher waisted jeans to ‘hold everything in’ – but my goodness these are so flattering – there was absolutely no need to worry. They really are a slim, flattering fit, which made me feel comfortable and confident in them. I took one size up from my usual size, but there is a detailed size guide available on the Sieta Equestrian Jeans page, where you are able to check the measurements to ensure the best fit. I really love these equestrian jeans. They have been so carefully designed and planned, and that really comes across in the final product. They are super comfortable for wearing round the yard and riding in, and the features are discreet enough to make these suitable for wearing outside of the yard too. I really like the colour of the denim, and they are cool enough to wear in warmer weather conditions too – your legs won’t absolutely bake if you ride in these in the summer. They have well and truly won me over with both the comfort and style aspects that pull these equestrian jeans together so well. These jeans are machine washable, I have washed mine several times now and they wash incredibly well – no worries there! Priced at £92.00 There is also a white pair of equestrian jeans available, these are the Regalita Equestrian Jeans. These are available to view here. The GD Polo Belt ‘Stunningly unique sky blue colour’ You will probably find a polo belt in every equestrians wardrobe, they are a staple, combining style, practicality and colour coordination, but do you know their history? Referred to as the ‘Sport of Kings’, Polo has been around for many thousands of years. As with many other sports, polo has a team uniform, and the iconic Argentine polo belts were stitched in team colours, to help identify team players from one another. Now highly sought after, polo belts have become a staple in many wardrobes, including that of Prince William! With its traditional polo belt styling, this hand stitched belt has been created in a beautiful sky blue. The belt is made from a beautifully soft and luxurious saddle leather, in dark brown, with the subtle Georgian Dollar branding to the end of the belt. These belts are made in Argentina. A couple of these belts that I have had before, not made to as good quality, have been very stiff, and due to the thickness of the belt this can then create some discomfort. However, the GD polo belt is beautifully flexible, providing comfort with style. Due to the soft leather of these belts, they are perfect to wear with your breeches, creating a classic equestrian look. Outside of the yard, your polo belt can be teamed with absolutely anything. For men, team with jeans or chino shorts, paired with a shirt for a classic country look. For the females, why not team with a denim skirt or white trousers to show off the stylish, vibrant colour of the belt. Available in 4 sizes: 80cm, 85cm, 90cm & 95cm.These measurements are taken from where the buckle joins the leather, from the first to the last of the 5 holes. Georgian Dollar recommend that your measure your waist and add one inch, to ensure an accurate fit. I measured against one of my current belts that fits well to find my best fit. These are suitable for men or women. Priced at £65.00 The GD Baseball Cap ‘Created for comfort and durability’ Not only highly practical at the yard, but also stylish, a baseball cap is an essential buy for any equestrian. How many times have you been trying to keep the sun, hair or rain off your face, or hiding a hairstyle from hell? For most of us, the baseball cap has become a little bit of a saviour for everything from bad hair days, to bad weather. The Georgian Dollar Baseball Cap is made from 100% Gabardine cotton, with a banded, ribbed inside and an adjustable buckle clasp for the perfect fit. The cap is in a striking turquoise, with a contrasting GD logo embroidered on the front. For me, it’s the beautiful colour of this baseball cap that is the complete selling point for me. It is the perfect summer colour. One size fits all. Priced at £18.00 🌟 …. BRAND NEW ….🌟 The GD Base Layer Base layers serve an important purpose, and have become a firm favourite in every equestrians wardrobe. Designed originally as a ‘second skin’ to wick away moisture quickly from the body, allowing suitable temperate regulation and comfort. Base layers have now become a stylish statement, with bright colours available for the perfect colour coordinated outfit. A newly launched product by Georgian Dollar is this striking base layer. Designed with regulating and moisture wicking technologies, to ensure comfort whatever the temperature, this base layer has considered the needs of the rider, above all else. The base layer has been designed with a flattering fit in mind, and comes in a distinctive blue and white colour combination. Featuring a high collar design, and Georgian Dollar branding. I am yet to try out the Georgian Dollar Base Layer, but judging by the quality of the three products I have tested, I have extremely high hopes for the quality and practicality of this item. I love the colour so I this is going to be on the shopping list for me! Available in sizes XS (6-8) to XL (14-16). Priced at £38.00 The Tita Equestrian Jeans BRAND NEW BRAND NEW BRAND NEW!! Wow, so the Tita…
  • CCL Diaries – 4 – Focus, confusion & fixing the environment
    Well, it has been a while, for saying I was enjoying this blog series …. Hi Darlings.I thought it was time to update you again on life over here, more to be honest with myself I think. Lockdown has brought a whole host of emotions, and in all honesty, I have struggled to sit down and just write. Despite my actual posting on socials and my blog maybe not seeming completely out of character, I myself have noticed a definite withdraw, lack of focus and loss of that overwhelming excitement when posting. There have definitely been a few different reasons for this, and I wanted to straighten it out with myself, as I have a backlog Darlings, and I am so desperate to get all this content up and running again!! It’s true what they say … I am such a firm believer of the saying, ‘If you want something done, ask a busy person’. The busier I am, certainly the more motivated I feel. I always remember my grandparents saying to me, ‘you must have more hours in the day than anyone else’. I love being busy, and being ‘on it’ with my life. I am so ambitious and I have always used my motivation to push me forwards and get things done. But during lockdown, I feel like my motivation has decreased, and I have slightly come to live by the ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ phrase. Having more time on my hands sounded like such a luxury at the start, but it has actually done me no favours at all. Lockdown has made me feel completely lost. Whilst at the start I was enjoying the odd lie in, lazy day and box set, I have realised just how much I need my busy life , and how much I miss everything I loved about my life. I always imagined life at a slower pace, because my life has always been 100mph, but now I realise I don’t think I have the tolerance for it. Whilst we hadn’t been able to go anywhere or do anything, I realise that the ‘luxury’ of endless time seemed to fade quickly, maybe because my motivation to work on myself didn’t just explode, like I possibly thought it would. I have lost, as has everyone else, a whole summer of shows, events and plans, this has taken a massive hit on me. My whole life, like everyone else’s, pretty much ground to a complete halt, and in all honestly I now just feel a little lost with who I am, what I love and what I am doing. Focus… I am so embarrassed to say that recently my focus has not been on myself, and bettering where I am. I became fixated on others, others covering a whole host of people, and I have fed some really unhealthy thoughts, conversations and situations. Whilst we all do this from time to time, during lockdown I think I have really let this become an issue. I am definitely someone that can let negativity, or negative situations consume me, and in this, I seem to feed the situations by continuing to look, engage or immerse myself in that situation. There are some demons from my past that I put into a box, and lockdown gave me an excuse to reopen the box. Little did I know that I would let this consume every single day. Something that impacted my life so hugely and I thought I had been freed, but I realise there is still a way to go, as during lockdown this old situation has impacted yet more situations. Social media is such an easy way to become consumed in a negative environment, and to continue to feed that. There is so much that can be seen that can wind you up, trigger old memories, or make you feel bad about your own life. As much as social media is a huge part of my life and my blog, I know it has a negative impact on me. I have literally allowed these situations to control my mood, motivation and my general daily life, consistently for the whole of lockdown. I have allowed others to be the main source of my mood, good or bad. And I have locked onto some people, far too much, during this time. Honesty is the best policy … I think from my socials it potentially looks like little has changed, there might have been a bit less frequent posting across the blog and my other accounts, but you may not have noticed much of a change elsewhere. However, knowing what content I have to go up, and how excited I should be about it, I have definitely noticed a change, which I feel so much guilt over. I’ve noticed that when I don’t feel myself, I completely withdraw from my sites, and yet I should probably share the ‘real life’. I know so many of you message me when I do speak honestly on there, and have always expressed gratitude for showing real life, so I don’t understand why I have started to withdraw so much when I don’t quite feel right. Funnily enough, something else I have really struggled with again over the last couple of weeks is my skin. You know that I have very temperamental skin, it is either great or horrendous. Honestly speaking, about a week ago I sat in front of the mirror for quite a while, starring at my skin, I was crying at how red and sore and irritated it was. I felt so ugly. I could feel it literally stinging so badly that I just wanted to scream. I felt like that really was the final blow. This is to the extent that my skin does upset me. And as soon as it flares up, I withdraw from socials, because I get so upset over how it looks. I know, again, so many of you have reached out when I have spoken openly about my skin, yet I myself feel embarrassed by it and hide away. I am quite sad right now, I am sad with lockdown and I am sad with several situations surrounding it, and me. I am sad how it has impacted how I feel about myself, and how I see my blog right now. I am sad at the strains it has caused, and the tears it has surfaced. In not loving myself this lockdown, I have allowed every one of my flaws, every heartache, and every annoyance faced to become an all consuming, mood squashing, detrimental hindrance. I wish I could find it in me to be kinder to myself in situations, instead of being so angry at myself for not being all of the things that I am not. Now that I feel like this, it has 100% limited and impacted the amount of content I’ve produced, how I feel about the content, and how I go about it all. When I don’t feel right in myself, I am never ever happy with the final content. I beat myself up to the point of becoming unhappy, because I become so self critical. I have a stack of blogs that should have really gone up by now, but I have just struggled to find the real focus and drive to get them finished and published. When my blog means so much to me, it upsets me to say this, and to admit that I have let things slide so much. I am trying to face this head on, in writing this blog. I want my determination with my blog back and I know this has only been a temporary situation to a wider problem, but I have felt unhappy, and addressing this all has to be my first step. So what is coming … I am hoping the next blog will now go live tonight, if not tomorrow morning. Whilst I take my blogging very seriously, it is still my hobby, and sometimes a bit of care and TLC has to come first. I beat myself up enough, I need to allow myself to post this one when I just can. I am so ready to get back excited about my content, and my passions. I am ready to remove myself from the toxic immersions that I have become so consumed in, to refocus on my own lane. I am hoping now with the easing of lockdown, and life returning to ‘normal’, that I will now be so much busier again, and feel like myself again. I know when normal life for me resumes, I will have less time in this cycle of negativity, and constantly feeding it. Despite the blog having slowed a little, I have been focusing on other platforms, where I have found less pressure in performing, this includes both my TikTok and Pinterest platforms, which can both be found by searching ‘Country Classic Lucinda’ . The pressure is off on these platforms and therefore, whilst I haven’t been feeling myself, I have definitely found more enjoyment with content creation over there. I am so so proud of both of these channels, and the fun I have had in nurturing their content. I would love for you to check them out too! Darlings, bare with me. I’m coming back. I love you all always, thank you for your support. Lots of love, Lucinda xo ‘When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower. Alexander Den Heijer Catch up on the latest posts here: