🎁🎉 The Big Birthday Giveaway 🎉🎁

Evening Darlings! If you didn’t see, on Tuesday it was Country Classic Lucinda’s first birthday- and we made a pretty big deal out of it! Can you believe we have made it through the first year? Blogging is a huge passion of mine, and I have been so lucky that all of the hard work I put into the blog and it’s content, really pays off.

As a huge thank you to my audience, I wanted to launch a giveaway, so that one of the CCL followers could win a mega bundle of Summer prizes. This blog is so lucky to have such a supportive and engaging audience, and I have loved getting to know you over the past year, as well as sharing my blog with you. The Big Birthday Giveaway has now launched over on Instagram, so I wanted to share with you some more information about the giveaway, and the amazing prizes on offer!

The giveaway is running over on the Country Classic Lucinda’s Instagram page, you can find the post you need to enter, here. There are 5 amazing prizes on offer, which make up a bundle of over £430, which one lucky CCL follower will win. The bundle is pulled together from some of my very favourite brands, and I know you’ll love the prizes just as much as I do. I love love LOVE to hype about brands and products that genuinely make me happy, you’ll know that I selectively work and blog about those items that really make me excited about country fashion, and why I fell in love with ‘fashion’ and what I do, in the first place.
So let’s have a look at what is included in The Big Birthday Giveaway:

Fairfax & Favor

It doesn’t take any explaining that I am obsessed with this brand. I have adored them for years- and I have quite the collection, which sees endless use. I purchased my first pair of boots whilst at University, and it seemed a huge investment at the time, but that very pair of boots is still going strong. If you haven’t read the story of how Fairfax & Favor started, I urge you to do so. You can find the story of Fairfax & Favor here.

The Fairfax & Favor Prize: The Winchester Navy Leather Travel Wallet.
This prize is spectacular, wow! I haven’t seen the travel wallet before, so I wasn’t sure about sizing, and how it would look inside. Let’s just say, it really doesn’t disappoint.
The travel wallet has been designed to be practical and spacious, whilst remaining effortlessly stylish. Featuring two large zip compartments and one smaller zip compartments. Once inside, there is also card holders. The outer of the wallet is grained leather, with a detachable loop handle and finished with the F&F shield.
This wallet is available on the Fairfax and Favor website, in a further two colours – Tan and Chocolate.
Shop The Winchester here.

Grays 1922

Founded in 1922, Grays is an Englsih lifestyle brand, selling country gifts and equestrian themed leather products. I have various products from Grays, and their leather products really do get better with age. As an equestrian myself, I automatically gravitate towards equestrian inspired products and accessories. Anything with a snaffle bit on, is usually a yes from me. There is something very special about Grays products.

The Grays 1922 Prize: The Haston Bag in Brown Leather.
Prize number two for our lucky winner is the Haston Bag in brown leather. This saddle bag inspired style features beautiful brown leather, with snaffle detailing. The snaffle bits have been incorporated onto both the strap, and the front of the bag – making this perfect for the equestrian enthusiast, as well as those looking to expand their country wardrobe.
The bag features an adjustable strap, which extends to a length of 60cm, a magnetic catch from opening, and an internal pocket, featuring a zip closure.
Sizing – L – 30cm, W – 8cm, H – 18cm .
You can shop the Haston Bag online in its various colourways here.

Sporting Hares

Sporting Hares are a British Countryside brand, designing practical and stylish products that applaud the country lifestyle. Whether you’re an equestrian, shooting or countryside enthusiast, Sporting Hares will have a product for you. This brand has featured several times throughout out my blog, so you’ll be no stranger to how much I love this brand, and how highly I think of them and their products. I am an equestrian myself, and somewhat of an awful shot, so I have put my SH products to use practically, as well as using them as stylish pieces to make up my country wardrobe – ticking all the boxes for me!

The Sporting Hares prize: Fenston Sunglasses in Distresed.
I have owned a pair of these SH sunglasses myself, so I can speak from experience when I speak about these – they have also featured as part of previous blogs, so you can always find out a little more about them. I am very picky about my sunglasses. I have a small head, and I drive A LOT, so finding something comfortable, practical and something that doesn’t tint the light too weirdly is a must for me.
The Distressed Fenston sunglasses take luxury eyewear up a notch, with their CR-39 polarised lenses and natural grain wooden frames. The arms of the Fenston sunglasses are spring loaded, meaning they ensure comfort for the wearing and a good fit. The lens are a bold blue, making them both eyecatching, and stylish.
You can shop the Fenston Sunglasses in their two colours, here.

Teddy Edward Clothing

I have raved about this brand before in several blogs now, and I still stand by what I’ve said many a times. I LOVE this brand, everything about it from the limited numbers of products – knowing that what you’re wearing is unique, to the values the brand holds. If you’d like to read the brand values, you can find them here. This is definitely something people are much more concious of now, and they want to know more ‘behind the scenes’ from brands, and the values that they base their business on. Teddy Edward outline all of those in the link provided, and I think you’ll be just as impressed as I was.
You have probably seen that I live in my Teddy Edward jeans and skirt, so I can 100% vouch for the quality and design behind this brand.

The Teddy Edward Clothing Prize: Ava Luxury T-Shirt in your choice of Black or White.
For prize number four, we have the Teddy Edward Ava Luxury T-shirt. The Ava T-shirt will effortlessly take you from day to night, so whether you want to pair with a skirt and boots, or a pair of skinnies and heels, this T-shirt is the perfect go to look. Make from a soft British spun cotton blend, the Ava features a scoop neck and curved hem, to flatter and compliment your shape. The winner will be able to pick their preferred colour choice, from the black or white option available.
Shop the Teddy Edward Ava Luxury T-shirt here.


Want to meet a superwoman? Welcome to Daltons! Founded by Emma in 2014, Dalton’s pride themselves on quality investment leather accessories, and let me tell you – you wouldn’t be disappointed. Emma handcrafts many of these products herself, with elegance and innovation at the heart of the creations.
I am just a little bit obsessed with belts, they complete an outfit, and can be as much or as little of a talking point as you like – I always recommend investing in good quality belts, that will carry you through all the seasons, and last you for many happy years. I don’t think I am ever without a belt, so for me they are an absolute essential.

The Daltons Prize: The Signature Snaffle Clasp Belt in your choice of leather colour – Navy, Tan or Brown.
The final prize in our incredible giveaway is one of Dalton’s Signature Snaffle Clasp Belts. I have one of these belts in the suede option, so I can safely say I know the quality of the product, and I couldn’t be more impressed!
These belts are just the most perfect addition to a country wardrobe – in fact, I would go as far as to saying that I don’t think a country wardrobe is quite complete without a snaffle belt. These are ideal for pairing with a dress, skirt or jeans, so the opportunities and ways to wear really are endless.
If you win this amazing giveaway, you will be able to choose your choice of leather, from the 3 different options – Brown, Tan or Navy.
Sizing guide: XX Small, 28”, Dress size 4  |  X Small, 31”, Dress size 6-8  |  Small, 33”’, Dress size 8- 10 | Medium, 35”, Dress size 10-12  |  Medium/Large, 37”, Dress size 14  |  Large, 39”, Dress size 16 .
You can shop the leather signature snaffle clasp belt here.

All of these giveaway items compliment each other so perfectly, and really do create the ultimate summer bundle for one lucky winner! I am so excited to have put this together for you, and what incredible brands have joined me, and offered such generosity for you as such a loyal and incredible audience.

That is all for now my darlings. Don’t forget to head over to this Instagram Post to enter. I wish you the best of luck, and thank you so much for your support.

See you soon!

Lots of love, Lucinda xo

‘Let’t root for each other, and watch each other grow’


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  • The 10 MOST WORN clothing/accessories in my Country wardrobe!
    If someone was to describe my style on the spot, they would probably say tweed, white jeans and Fairfax and Favor, and you know what, they wouldn’t be far wrong. Whilst I consider myself to be somewhat adventurous with my clothing, I definitely have a certain style, and a typical look that I go for. I took the inspiration for this blog from one of my favourite YouTubers, I just loved the idea. However, I didn’t realise quite how hard it would be. I wear so much of my wardrobe so frequently, so to break it down was really tricky! I still loved the idea of putting this blog out there, so I have gone for the pieces which made the most sense. This was only meant to be 5 pieces, but to be honest, I even struggled to stop at 10! Most of these items have been in my wardrobe for a while, hence why I felt I could say that these were the ones I possibly wear more. Disclaimer (I feel like it is needed these days!): This blog is based solely upon my casual country wardrobe, and is not based off my work/jodhpurs/wellies/waterproofs/riding boots side of my wardrobe…. Holland Cooper Tawny Cape I had owned a couple of different capes before taking the plunge with a Holland Cooper one. I had had my sights set on one for pretty much as long as I can remember, but as it was going to be an investment, I had tried several slightly more affordable options first. The quality of the Holland Cooper pieces are just incredible, and there is certainly a luxury feel that comes with wearing one of these capes. They hang so beautifully, and the attention to detail throughout the whole cape makes for such a special piece. This is such an easy, versatile piece to wear, hence why I reach for it time and time again. Not only is it the perfect piece for the races, or Country shows, but I also throw it on for day to day errands more often than not, because it covers whatever is underneath so perfectly, whilst looking like I haven’t just left the house in a fluffy jumper and leggings! You can shop this Tawny Classic Cape here. Schoffel Gilet Well this is one item that certainly needs no introduction. The faithful Schoffel gilet, our good friend. I seriously live in these, whether it’s a layer for work, riding, beating, shooting, country shows, eating out….. whatever the occasion, a schoffel is never far from my mind when it comes to outfits. I love everything about these gilets, from their practicality, to how you can dress them up or down, to how hard wearing they are. I am such a huge fan of layering, and I have been wearing these for many many years now. It’s very rare that my riding wardrobe and casual wardrobe cross over, however, I constantly reach for my schoffel at the yard as well as when I want to dress up slightly more. The hardest decision … which colour to wear! You can find the Schoffel Lyndon Gilets here. Navy Roll Neck Jumpers Roll necks are definitely an essential for me. The manority of my A/W outfits are made up with a roll neck at the base. I would more commonly reach for cream or navy in colour, but because I wear white jeans so often, I probably reach for navy slightly more than the cream. Not only are these extremely practical in the winter, but I do this the higher neck looks chic and seamless with outfits. I just find them so easy to wear, warm and stylish. I generally don’t over spend on my basics. I have roll neck jumpers from various stores, ranging from high street stores such as Primark and New Look, to stores I would see on the show circuit such as Welligogs. Harris Rae Tweed Skirt Although a slightly newer addition to my wardrobe compared to some of the other items, I honestly don’t know what I did without this. It’s my favourite skirt, and it’s the piece I reach for constantly. It’s also my ‘go to’ piece if I really don’t know what to wear or where to start! Tweed skirts most definitely make up essential wear in my own wardrobe. More often than not, I will opt for a skirt if I am heading out somewhere, and this skirt is such a simple design and colour, that it goes with absolutely everything, meaning it always gives me a good starting point if I have no idea what I want to wear. I love the length of the skirt, and its versatility within my wardrobe just makes it a complete winner for me. You can find this skirt here. White Jeans It wouldn’t take much to guess these were on here. Probably my most worn item. These seem to cause a stir constantly, and I just don’t understand why, When worn with common sense in mind, there is no reason why there is an issue wearing these! I am by no means apologetic about how often I wear them. Everything goes with them, everything looks great with them, and for me, every. single. time. they will come out on top as a wardrobe essential! I obviously don’t wear them to muck out, and I obviously don’t wear them if I’m on a long dog walk, out beating etc etc … I can’t believe I am even having to explain this, but apparently I haven’t made it clear previously. Despite this, I am happy to live a little in them, you could also spill something on blue jeans. I know every time I wear these I receive all the comments about how people find them see-through, impractical, too ‘young’ etc. I think I have probably heard every comment there is about white jeans now, but I personally reach for them constantly. I would always recommend trying on white jeans, because there are pairs out there which are not as thick, and I have purchased some pairs before which I have then never worn as I have felt they were just not flattering in the end. I always opt for a higher waist in mine now, and I always check the material to ensure I am happy with them before keeping! Fairfax & Favor Tan Amiras These were my fourth or fifth purchase from F&F many years ago, and I have no idea how I managed without them. If I don’t know what to wear, I wear these! They are so classy, sophisticated and elegant, they look amazing every time. I like the slight lift that the heeled Amria’s give, I think this looks really elegant. These pair with everything, so whether you mainly wear jeans, skirts or dresses, they will match with whatever. I was so scared when I initially bought these that I would be too worried to wear them. They were an investment for me and I was totally torn between them being too expensive to ruin, but also too expensive to not get any wear from. I got very brave with them, and after protecting them with Liquiproof (which I use on all of my suede products) I just took the plunge, and I now wear them all of the time. There are a few marks to the bottoms – but they are several years old now. Generally, these still brush and clean up amazingly well, and they are most definitely my most worn boot! ‘Life is short – wear the boots!!’ You can shop the Tan Heeled Amira’s here. Navy Fedora If you are a regular to the CCL blog, you’ll know I am a huge fan of a hat. I have very temperamental hair, and to be honest, it usually looks a mess. I love the simplicity of not having to worry what my hair is up to, because I know it will be neatly tucked under a hat. Equally perfect for sunny, summer days or drizzly, winter wet weather… You just can’t go wrong with a hat. I wear so much navy that I would more often reach for my navy fedora over my other colours. If I am leaving the house to go anywhere outside, it is likely a hat will be an addition to my wardrobe! I love hats and hat pins from High Bird Designs – here. Grays Alice Handbag I am the first to admit that a girl can never have too many bags. One for every outfit is not too excessive in my mind. But.. I definitely believe some bags are more practical than others. Whilst I love dressing up outfits with the perfect matching bag, you still need an every day go to staple. For me, thats where my Alice Handbag comes in. Made from leather, this handbag is practical and durable. Leather is also generally easy to buff any marks out of, wipe clean easily, and they usually look better with age. This specific bag is so handy for me as it fits my laptop in, meaning whenever I am blogging it is aways the one I reach for, as well as being my daily handbag. If you are a regular here, you will also be aware of just how much I love to carry round with me. This bag is super spacious, which I love. Mine is about 2 years old now and it is in amazing condition and the leather still looks incredible. I am also obsessed with having anything Equestrian looking with me – I will forever be the horse mad girl!! Find the Alice Handbag here. Morris Richardson Watch Not only in my work life is a watch a complete essential, but my social/home life is also very busy. I just couldn’t live without a decent watch. To be able to find a watch that is SO ME is something I thought would have been impossible. Whilst I do love my jewellery, the pieces I wear never come off, and live a hard life, and I knew my watch would need to be able to do the same. As you’ll know… I am absolutely OBSESSED with tweed, and to be able to have a tweed watch, which I am able to mix and match with my outfit, is just a dream come true. Not only an essential in my wardrobe, but also one of my favourite things to coordinate and style, it is a very rare occurrence now for me to be seen without my watch. You can shop my watch here. Pearl Earrings I’ve mentioned them before, and I have no doubt that I’ll be mentioning them again! I just love the simple elegance that comes with a pair of pearl earrings. I haven’t really ever been a huge fan of statement earrings, I love the simplicity of a beautiful pair of pearls. I wear these pretty much every single day, and if I swap them, it is generally for one other pair of earrings which have a very small t-bar with a dangle pearl – so still pearls! I have had this pair for a couple of years now, they are from Country Equestrian Jewellers, and are amazing quality! You can find my pearl earrings here. If you like my style, and would love to see daily outfit inspo, you can find this over on my Instagram – @countryclassiclucinda! Normally my blog would feature so much more in the way of Countryside adventures … but you know … lockdowns. If you do love what you’re reading though, you can always subscribe at the bottom of this page, that way you’ll receive my blog posts to your inbox! I don’t currently work to a set upload day, so subscribing means you won’t miss any posts. Stay safe, speak soon ❤️ Lots of Love, Lucinda xo ‘The joy of dressing is an art’ – John Galliano Check out my latest posts:
  • 5 coats you need in your wardrobe this winter 🧥
    Jackets, Coats, Capes – unfortunately (or fortunately!) a staple of the British wardrobe! But… do you need some help with where to start? Within our very British wardrobes, your outerwear will make up the majority of your Winter look, it will usually cover pretty much your whole outfit, therefore you will really want something to compliment your style, and speak for itself. Coats are something I definitely don’t struggle shopping for, so I thought I would share 5 of my favourite styles with you! These jacket styles all have a slightly different purpose, and cover all occasions that you’ll be reaching for your outerwear for! A Cape I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Capes ARE an essential. These pieces are just so elegant, and so classic, but can be dressed up or down to suit whatever outfit you choose. I personally love the layering ability you get with capes. Many of my jackets are very fitted, and therefore become very restrictive if I wear any sort of chunky knit underneath. You don’t find this problem with capes, you can layer up as much as required, and still look and feel fabulous from the outer. I had always had my heart set on the Holland Cooper capes, and I tried a lot of others in the process of saving for one. My wardrobe does now consist of several capes, because I wear them so much, especially racing. I have a few different styles and materials to suit different looks, so it is always worth looking at what is available, to see what would best suit your style. I have some more lightweight capes which are much more suited to just being inside, and then I have my tweed ones – which are perfect for keeping toasty on winter days. My first Holland Cooper cape was the classic in Tawny, I just loved the character of the brown tweed, and knew it would go with everything. Featured: Holland Cooper Classic Cape in Tawny These capes, in my opinion, are the best of the best. They hold their shape whilst worn, hanging so beautifully, but also being lightweight. The cut of the cape is super flattering, and the detailing is just what you would expect from Holland Cooper.There are lots of colour options available in this style of cape, some more plain colours, as well as other tweed options. These are just one size to fit a UK size 6-16.A slightly more expensive piece, but if you know you will wear it, I would definitely say it is worth the investment.Price: £499.00 A Tailored Tweed Jacket It’s certainly no secret that I have a slight obsession with tweed jackets. They are such a staple piece for a Country wardrobe, and if you invest, you are likely to find a piece that will last you for many years to come. Whilst there are a variety of styles available, I find that a tailored tweed jacket is a real asset to your wardrobe. Opting for a slightly longer length jacket offers a very feminine silhouette, which looks extremely flattering. These are just so easy to dress, as they will go with everything. I love dressing mine up for the races with a dress or skirt underneath, but they look equally great teamed with jeans and boots. This is such a perfect addition to your Winter wardrobe, and being so timeless, they will never go out of style. Featured: Eton Taylor Annabelle Harris Tweed CoatThis is one of my favourite jackets of all time. It is so beautiful. The cut is just beautiful, so fitted and tailored, with a subtle ‘kick out pleat’ at the back. This style flatters a figure perfectly. Made from Harris Tweed, these jackets are designed to be timeless classics, which never go out of style, and last for years to come. Price: £299.00 A Practical, Every Day Jacket This is something that is required in every, single Country wardrobe. Popping to the shops, throw this on. Meeting a friend for a coffee, throw this on. Doing the school run, throw this on. Wonder round the village, throw this on. Something to team with jeans and heels, throw this on. Whilst you’d think this style of jacket would be a relatively easy to shop for, it is probably the one style that I struggle with most. I find it so easy to shop for my racing style clothes, but normal every day wear I would definitely struggle more with. That’s where Joules has come in over the years and been a complete saviour. Their clothing is incredible quality and the pricing is always exceptional. Year on year they release a similar style of coat that fits seamlessly with that day to day look. Again, if you opt for a slightly longer length, you still get a very flattering, feminine fit, which pairs over everything. I also prefer this longer look for daily style as I find it a little more covering, which I feel less conscious about what I am wearing. It is also a saviour on those days when you’ve been pottering around the house in leggings but then quickly need to dash out for something! Featured: Joules Addington Herringbone CoatI fell in love with this Addington Joules Jacket this year. The gorgeous pink herringbone is subtle enough to wear daily, whilst still adding a very feminine touch to an every day outfit. With a slightly boxier fit, this is easy to layer underneath. Price: Currently in the sale for £75.95 A Velvet Jacket In every wardrobe, you need a feel good, beautiful jacket. For me, this comes in the form of a gorgeous velvet jacket. They are actually surprisingly easy to dress up or down – pairing with a skirt or dress for a sophisticated going out look, or pair with jeans for a more casual day look. I have raved about my Welligogs velvet jacket several times now. It is most definitely one of my dream jackets to own. There is something about velvet in the winter, it really works well, and this is a perfect investment piece which you’ll want to reach for time and time again. Featured: Welligogs Seville Navy Velvet CoatThis style of Welligogs jacket is beautifully fitted, and a slightly longer length, which is both feminine and sophisticated. Finished with gold detailing to the outer edges of the jackets and the buttons, this is a really special design. Price: £295.00 A Wax Jacket Although I have generally always liked investing in clothing pieces, I also love a bargain too. I don’t believe that clothing has to be expensive to be stylish or long lasting. Many items in my wardrobe have been really good value for money, and I haven’t compromising on quality because of it. I have discussed wax jackets previously and they are an absolute essential in every Country wardrobe. I have had one in my wardrobe for as long as I can remember, and I really do love them. When I was beating 1-2 times a week for a couple of years, I very quickly learnt to appreciate them in all of their glory. Funnily enough, for me a Barbour has just never appealed to me. I don’t doubt that they are nice jackets, but one has just never been on the wish list. I used to beat in a really cheap Rydale wax, and honestly, it was as good as any coat – it did me so so proud, and I’ve never looked back. In fact, I had such an appreciation, I bought the jacket in several different colours. Wax jackets are also so easy to style, whether you are putting them through their paces in a hard Country life, or styling them up at a Game fair or P2P, they have a purpose across all outfit styles. I can hands down recommend the below jacket, tried and tested in HARD Country life. Featured: Rydale Ladies Wax Jacket – CawoodThe cut of this jacket is actually very flattering, and it has two deep, open pockets, which are really handy.The jacket feels really lightweight, which is perfect for any Country pursuits as you don’t want that bulky or restrictive feeling.This jacket comes in a couple of different wax colour options. Price: £24.99 So there we have it, 5 styles of jacket which are perfect to add into your winter wardrobe. We are back off into tier 4 here, so it’s back to online shopping for me! If you love reading my blogs, please do subscribe to get my posts straight to your inbox. I don’t currently publish on a set day – so this will ensure you don’t miss any! You can subscribe at the bottom of this page! Tomorrow will see the launch of the end of the year blog. See you soon my Darlings. Lots of Love, Lucinda xo ‘I like my money where I can see it, hanging in my closet’ – Carrie bradshaw
  • The Ultimate Fairfax and Favor Christmas Gift Guide 🎄
    Ahhhh Christmas shopping! Whilst some of us love it, others loathe it! It can be the easiest and hardest task, and sometimes we just need a little extra inspiration to get our creative gifting juices flowing… Whether you thought you were all shopped out, or you’re only just starting, this gift guide is one YOU’RE not going to want to miss, I’ve got you covered Darlings. Let me introduce to you … The Ultimate Fairfax and Favor Gift Guide! That’s right! This isn’t just any gift guide, this is the ultimate gift guide, featuring my top picks for both men and women! Let me help take away some of the stress of Christmas Shopping! So, sit back, relax, and let me take you on a save, spend, splurge journey through the very best of Fairfax and Favor! You can thank me after. Let’s get going …. ❄️ S A V E ❄️ Looking for the perfect stocking filler, secret santa or additional present? Look no further … 1. SUEDE BOOT TASSELS You just can’t go wrong here! Anyone who loves F&F, just loves tassels, whether it’s for their beloved boots, heavenly handbags, or even to add as a keyring, anyone would be so grateful to receive these! Creating the perfect stocking filler, secret santa, table gift or tree ornament, these are one of the best gifts around!Brand new colours launching: Violet, Mango, Lime, Lilac, Jade, Electric Blue, Cornflower Blue, Coral, Bubblegum Pink, Blush Pink. 🎁 Top Tip: Why not suggest these as a gift suggestion to another gifter who is stuck, if you have purchased the boots as a gift already! PRICED AT £20.00 EACH. SHOP HERE 2. THE KEYRING Everyone loves a keyring! It doesn’t matter how old they are, or how many they already own, someone will ALWAYS be happy with a new keyring. Now of course, these aren’t any old key rings, these are the finest F&F keyrings. Beautifully made and the perfect accessory to your keys!Currently available in 3 different colours! PRICED AT £25.00 SHOP HERE 3. THE SIGNATURE HAT Perfect for all seasons, whether the depths of the cold, wet Winters, or the bright, sunny Summers. These are such a fantastic gift, and incredibly well priced. Featuring the signature branding to the front, this cap is sure to be well received by any F&F fanatic. These are just one size, meaning the only thing you need to consider, is which colour you like best for your recipient!Available in 4 different colour-ways too! PRICED AT £30.00 SHOP HERE 4. THE SIGNATURE KNEE HIGH SOCKS 🌟 TOP PICK 🌟 Ok, as you get older, socks go from an okay present, to the height of excitement. New, luxury socks at Christmas are just THE BEST thing! People always really really want nice socks too, but maybe throughout the year don’t want to quite justify the price on spoiling themselves, hence where these come in as the perfect gift! These will be so well received…. and well… everyone needs socks, so you can’t go wrong! The perfect gift if you’re buying for that person that’s ‘difficult’ to buy for! 🎁 Top Tip: Create a feel good look with matching tassels! PRICED AT £20.00 SHOP HERE 5. THE SENNOWE BELT These belts are simply stunning! The perfect gift for someone who has an ever expanding boot collection, and is looking for the perfect accessory to compliment them! Featuring the iconic F&F shield buckle, this belt is perfect for dressing up or down, and is sure to be a hit this christmas. Available in 6 different colours, in both suede and hair on hide. PRICED AT £60.00 – £80.00 SHOP HERE 🎁 S P E N D 🎁 Sometimes it calls for a celebration!The perfect mid-range price gifts! 1. THE SALISBURY PURSE 🌟 TOP PICK 🌟 Wanting to treat someone to the perfect accessory this Christmas? Well look no further than the Salisbury Purse. Oozing style, this practical purse features card slots as well as 2 note slips, interior compartments, and a separate inner zipped pocket. Matching the F&F handbag range, this gift is ideal on its own, or as part of a set with a matching handbag.Available in 6 different colour options. PRICED AT £155.00 – £175.00 SHOP HERE 2. THE MADISON BAG A girl can never have too many bags…. right?! This beautiful mini bag comes with a detachable gold chain shoulder strap, and the choice of a suede or leather finish. Perfect to finish off an evening outfit, or for carrying your essentials for a day out, the exquisite Madison is sure to turn heads, and is instantly recognisable as a F&F design.Available in the 2 colour options. 🎁 Top Tip: What about a matching coin purse?! PRICED AT £265.00 SHOP HERE 3. THE HAMPTON BELT The ‘big sister’ to the Sennowe Belt, the Hampton offers a unique leather and suede finish. Still featuring the iconic gold shield for the buckle, and studded logo on the belt loop, this belt is not only practical, but perfect for complimenting any other F&F products, to complete the look!Available in 3 different colours. PRICED AT £80.00 SHOP HERE 4. THE BRANCASTER SANDAL Because we are all dreaming of sunnier days…A perfect gift for a sun seeker, or someone who we know is going to be desperate to get away next year on holiday! These popular sandals ALWAYS sell out, so why not grab a pair now, get in the good books, and save that ‘currently out of stock’ disappointment from the future.Currently available in 7 different colour-ways! 🎁 Top tip: this product runs big and you may need to size down! PRICED AT £135.00 – £155.00 SHOP HERE 5. THE HENLEY DRIVING SHOE The iconic Henley is one of the most sought after flats from the F&F range – it’s the original! Known as their signature loafer, these are the perfect gift for anyone and everyone! With a practical rubber sole and padded inner insole, these are sure to become the ‘slippers’ that they never take off!Your biggest decision?! What colour to choose!!! PRICED AT £155.00 – £180.00 SHOP HERE 🎄 S P L U R G E 🎄 Because sometimes you have to just spoil someone… or yourself!! 1. THE CHARLOTTE COAT 🌟 TOP PICK 🌟 The height of luxury, let me introduce to you the newly released Charlotte Coat. If you didn’t know what you wanted for Christmas, you do now! What could only be described as the ultimate Christmas gift, the Charlotte radiates style, sophistication and timeless elegance. This coat is certainly not to be missed, with its practical features, warm and cosy lining, and real look faux fur removable trim hood. The subtle, but equally recognisable branding, and beautiful deep navy colour mean this jacket is easy to pair with just about everything, from winter walks to trips to the pub! 🎁 Top Tip: Navy tassels pair with this beautifully! PRICED AT £395.00 SHOP HERE 2. THE REGINA BOOT The most well known F&F piece, the iconic, beautiful Regina boot. Probably on every single wish list this Christmas, because even if you already own a pair, they just keep you coming back for more!Available in both flat and heeled options, the Regina is the most sought after boot in the F&F range, and is most known for its interchangable zip tassels. These are sure to be a huge hit. Available in 5 suede and 1 leather looks. PRICED AT £345.00 – £365.00 SHOP HERE 3. THE AMIRA OVER THE KNEE BOOT Arguably my favourite boot from the collection, the Amira is effortlessly elegant. This over the knee boot is also available in heeled and flat options, with the interchangeable tassels to the back zip. With memory foam inner soles, you will be able to wear these boots all day, and night, with no sore feet! If these are under the tree for yourself or a loved one, you can guarantee they will be put straight on and worn!4 colours available. 🎁 Top tip: it is advised that the product runs small, check the online size chart. PRICED AT £405.00 – £425.00 SHOP HERE 4. THE ELIZABETH GILET The first piece of clothing released by F&F, the ever popular Elizabeth Toscana Gilet. Perfect for town and country, day and night, the Elizabeth is an incredibly versatile and luxurious piece to add into any F&F addicts wardrobe. Now available in 3 colours, the Navy is new for A/W 20! PRICED AT £475.00 SHOP HERE 5. THE WINDOR BAGS IN CROC 🌟 TOP PICK 🌟 Really wanting to spoil someone this Christmas? Look no further than the brand new conker leather Windsor bags. These stunning full leather croc print handbags feature the interchangeable tassel to the front of the bag, creating a perfectly personalised look. Oozing style in the rich mahogany leather, this duo is sure to be top of the list for any F&F fan. Available in the Mini Windsor and Standard Windsor sizes – all you need to do is pick which one you prefer! 🎁 Top Tip: You can buy interchangeable tassels! PRICED AT £285.00 – £395.00 SHOP HERE Now you simply need something to pop your gifts in … The Signature Knitted Christmas Stocking Now that you have all of the F&F gifts sorted, you just need somewhere to put them! The ultimate gift is here in the form of the brand new knitted Christmas stocking! An essential in the home of every F&F addict! Completed in the iconic navy and gold F&F colours, this beautiful stocking is going to be a keepsake for many years to come! PRICED AT £30.00 SHOP HERE Shopping for the men?Check out the next page! ➡️