About Country Classic Lucinda

Welcome to my world!

Established during Summer 2019, Country Classic Lucinda started because I realised just how many people were continually asking me where my clothes were from, how to style outfits, and wondering what events I might be attending. I have always been asked where I have bought my clothes from, or how I have put together an outfit, but I never imagined people would want to read about it! Having been missing researching and writing about the things I was passionate about when I finish my Masters, I was excited to start a blog where I could share my knowledge of country fashion, and passion for styling outfits.

Country Classic Lucinda
Country Classic Lucinda is a forward thinking Country Fashion and Lifestyle blog, showcasing the very best of Country Life! If you love styling country clothing and have a passion for adventures in the countryside, you will feel right at home here!

So who is the person behind the blog?
My name is Lucinda, and I am your typical country girl, obsessing over country life, anything horsey, and of course, country fashion! I work within the equine industry, with a Masters in Equine Science, and a Degree in Equestrian Sports Science. I am horse mad, but also love my life as a country girl.

If you love clothing and county living, hopefully this blog will be a little piece of heaven for you!

Lots of love, Lucinda xo